Red Goblin Enters the Marvel Fray

Norman Osborne, better known as the Green Goblin, is easily Spider-Man’s greatest nemesis. The sled-flying psycho has changed his tune in recent years, most recently donning the unwilling moniker of the Gold Goblin. After his son Harry’s death, a gap was left in the world of law-refusing goblindom. Enter Normie Osborn, Harry’s son, grandson of Norman. But this little scarlet menace is quite different than his science-based predecessors.  What secret does he hold that his family does not?


In a very specific turn of events, young Normie (no, I can’t stand the name either) came in contact with one Dylan Brock.  If that name sounds a little familiar to you, it’s because it should.  He is the son of Eddie Brock, the original Venom, and Dylan arrived bearing a gift for the youngest Osborn.  Nothing says ‘I care’ quite like the fragment of a symbiote.  So while Normie may not by commandeering an armed sled through the air, he is literally wearing a living weapon, thus becoming the Red Goblin.

Written by Alex Paknadel (ArcadiaThe Joker) and with art by Jan Bazaldua (Star Wars), the recent first issue wastes no time in getting down to business as the Red Goblin takes to the streets and doesn’t hold back on mixing things up.  It is also in successfully building the groundwork between Normie and the young symbiote as the former guides the latter through the how-to’s of behavior and, well, being a symbiote.

Look for issue #2 to arrive March 15th

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