Let There Be Rhythm in the Night and ACDC!

It’s more often than not when people discard their dreams in pursuit of a more “normal” life…whatever that is.  At the end of this week, one of our own staff here on Why So Blu will be taking another big step towards accomplishing his dream.  It was 13 years ago on September 19th when WSB writer Gregg Senko interviewed the Lord of the Dance himself, Michael Flatley.  Greatly inspired by both the show Lord of the Dance and his discussion with Flatley, Gregg made it a point to immediately seek out an Irish dance teacher the next day. About a year after the interview, Gregg came in contact with one Justin Boros, who equally shared the affinity for Irish dance.  With Boros having only fraction of his ethnic background hailing from Ireland and Senko having none, well, it just seemed like an unlikely combination whose efforts have culminated in what will take place this Saturday, November 13th.  So just what is this event?  Let’s rewind about five years.

It was in late 2005 when Boros approached Senko with the simple inquiry of, “Hey, what do you think about making our own Irish dance show?”  Taken aback a bit at first, Senko quickly gathered his wits with an affirmative “yes” to the question, but how do a pair of guys with just a few bucks in their pockets kick-start their own production?  With Boros in Florida and Senko in Ohio, there were a lot of long distance phone calls that went into the wee hours of the morning going over the details of the show which led to not only the show’s outline on paper, but a full-fledged business plan to present to investors for their own production, Rhythm in the Night.

Two years later, they formed their own production company titled Two Step Productions.  It seemed like they had everything going for them.  Boros spent nearly 3 years touring with Lord of the Dance and Senko was offered a spot in the show’s stationary Las Vegas troupe at the Venetian Hotel & Casino.  With a bit of an impressive résumé between them, they were hungry and eager to start knocking down investor doors…then the economy went south.  The duo had a few serious lookers, but it felt like it was ultimately a sagging attempt.  When asking what improvements they could make, one investor offered an empty retort of, “There’s a recession in the U.S. and there’s a recession in Ireland!”  It became apparent that Boros and Senko had to make their own way as outside help was not in the cards at the time.

Enter one Paul Duffy, owner of the Irish Rover Pub in Sarasota, Florida.  Duffy, a musician himself, is well aware of what it’s like to be an entertainer trying to get your name out there.  After Justin Boros proposed his idea to Duffy, the Ireland-native and business owner became a financial savior, organizing the financial footwork to put on Boros and Senko’s first performance of their show, Rhythm in the Night.  “To say it’s exciting is an understatement,” exclaimed Senko. “This is like the pilot episode of a TV show. We’ll finally have something of substance to show.”

Previously, the situation was a catch-22.  Investors wanted to see something on video before further consideration.  The pair didn’t have the money to hire a composer, lighting rig, and a sound system, let alone a full troupe of dancers.  Without money, they had nothing to show. Without anything to show, the investors wouldn’t spend their money.  Today, Rhythm in the Night consists of a troupe of 8 dancers, one bagpiper, one singer, one violinist and the multi-instrumental talents of Paul Duffy.  But the best part is it doesn’t stop there.

This Saturday Rhythm in the Night just doesn’t take the stage, they open for AC/DC front man Brian Johnson and a band consisting of Skid Row guitarist Scotti Hill.  While Irish dance and rock n’ roll isn’t your typical combination, each have been beyond highly successful in their own right.  With the energized good versus evil theme and rapid Celtic taps from Rhythm in the Night and the adrenaline-laced vocals of Brian Johnson, this outdoor performance is sure to ‘shoot to thrill’ for all in attendance come this Saturday in Sarasota.  With additional performance dates already lined up for Rhythm in the Night as the headliner, both Boros and Senko are determined and exuberant seeing their creation come to life, but at the same time, they know there’s still a road of hard work ahead.

For more information on Rhythm in the Night and to order tickets, please visit: http://www.TwoStepProductions.com


6 Responses to “Let There Be Rhythm in the Night and ACDC!”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    Wow, this is very cool, Gregg!

  2. Sean Ferguson

    Good luck Gregg! I hope this works out for you!

  3. Brian White

    I’m still trying to find a way down there. I’m asking everyone I know to drive me down and I will pay for gas 🙂 Flights are just not working out for me time-wise and money-wise. I want to come down SO bad!

  4. Gregg

    Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

  5. Justin Boros

    Great article on Rhythm in the Night! Thanks for helping us out, hope to see everyone at a show soon! Slainte,


  6. Loot

    As Gregg’s mom, I cannot tell everyone how absolutely proud we are of Gregg and Justin and of this culmination of all their hard work, sweat and stress. This is part of Gregg’s soul and a dream that I hope will lead to great things. I just wish I could see it in person. It’s sure to be fantastic. Good Luck Justin and Gregg. Your parents are more than proud!