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Interview With Rhythm in the Night’s Ann Profeta

In my opinion, when it comes to the world of Irish dancing, there’s always three names that instantly come to mind, first and foremost, Michael Flatley.   The Chicago native is single-handedly responsible for bringing Irish dancing to the mainstream worldwide audience with his involvement in the second name I want to drop on you, Riverdance.  […]


Rhythm in the Night: The Irish Dance Spectacular (Soundtrack Review)

Irish dancing is defined as a group of traditional dance forms that originated in Ireland, which can be divided into social and highly choreographed performance dances.  Now I don’t know about you, but my first exposure to Irish dancing was as a young adult, surviving in the post-grunge era, watching late night infomercials.  I kept […]


Let There Be Rhythm in the Night and ACDC!

It’s more often than not when people discard their dreams in pursuit of a more “normal” life…whatever that is.  At the end of this week, one of our own staff here on Why So Blu will be taking another big step towards accomplishing his dream.  It was 13 years ago on September 19th when WSB […]


Rhythm in the Night – Irish Concept Becomes American Reality

On the ground level, it was a story of Cinderella proportions.  It defied the norm and broke the mold both ideologically and physically.  Up to 1999, the typical, professional Irish dancer was one of 100% Irish ancestry.  Whether male or female, they would have started dance at an age of 5 or 6 and be […]


Irish Dance and the Flatley Factor

Four years is not that long when you think about and in that amount of time from now, Riverdance will become 20 years old.  Where has the time gone?  The year was 1994 and a little something known as the Eurovision Song Contest, a competition that is a fixture in Europe, was being hosted by […]