Robocop Trilogy Arrests Blu-ray This Fall!

Prime Directive: Blu-ray.  Robocop will blast his way onto Blu-ray in a Special Collectors set October 5th that will feature, for the first time, Robocop 2 and Robocop 3. The first Robocop film had already been previously released, but the sequels were nowhere to be found.  While MGM is packaging all three films here together for the very first time, it’s unclear if they will be sold separately.  Either way, this will be a trilogy that all fans of the films will want to pick up.  Please check out the official press release from MGM below for all the details.


The Complete Collection Bursts onto Blu-ray for the First Time October 5th

Los Angeles (August 27, 2010) – The cyborg super-cop Robocop defends citizens of Old Detroit with three times as much action when the ROBOCOP TRILOGY arrives as a Blu-ray collector’s set October 5. Just in time for the holiday season, this three disc set from MGM Home Entertainment contains the original ROBOCOP on Blu-ray,as well as ROBOCOP 2 and ROBOCOP 3 on Blu-ray for the first time.

Packed full of memorable moments and Robocop quotes, the ROBOCOP TRILOGY is a fan must-have. Viewers can experience their favorite “human” robot in all three classic films, now on Blu-ray. Directors Paul Verhoeven (Totall Recall, Basic Instinct) of ROBOCOP and ROBOCOP 2 and Fred Dekker (Monster Squad Forever, Nighs of the Creeps) of ROBOCOP 3 bring the half robot, half police officer to life with the help of an intensely talented cast, including Peter Weller (The Order; 24), Robert Burke (Good Night, and Good LuckTombstone), Kurtwood Smith (Rambo III; That 70’s Show) and Nancy Allen (Law and Order, Carrie).

In ROBOCOP (1987), a terminally wounded cop in crime-ridden Detroit returns to the force as a powerful cyborg with submerged memories haunting him. ROBOCOP 2 (1990) features a corrupt businesswoman seeking to disable Robocop in favor of her own model of cyborg. In ROBOCOP 3 (1993) Robocop saves the day once more. This time the half man/half robot takes on ruthless developers who want to evict some people on “their” land.

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7 Responses to “Robocop Trilogy Arrests Blu-ray This Fall!”

  1. Gregg

    I enjoyed the original when it came out. The second one was ‘ehhh’ and I never did see the third one. I can’t speak for the sequels, but I don’t think the original film stood up well against the test of time. The ED-209’s looked incredibly fake. I can only hope they worked on this for the high def transfer. I will be looking forward the the remake due out in 2013.

  2. Gerard Iribe

    The first film is a classic. And I LOVE the second film. I saw it in the theaters and it was great.

    I’ve never actually seen the third one.

  3. Aaron Neuwirth

    It’s always going to be hard to argue how well stop motion effects will hold up (even though I will always love films like King Kong and Jason and the Argonauts), but what makes the first Robocop great is the hilarious social commentary that Paul Verhoven injects into this film. That and the pathos that is injected into the Robocop character. Not to mention the over-the-top violence.

    And let’s just pretend there aren’t any sequels, especially Robocop 3

  4. Sean Ferguson

    Gerard you left off Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back) as the director of Robocop 2! I liked the first movie and it’s dark humor but it always seemed excessively gory to me. My favorite one was the second one as it kept the humor but toned down the splatter-fest quite a bit. I never saw the third one or if I did I blocked the memory. I’m looking forward to hearing how the blu-rays turned out.

  5. Gerard Iribe

    Sean, I put Irvin in my tags. Yes, he directed Empire Strikes Back. Never forget. 😉

  6. Brian White

    I revisited the first one on Blu-ray when it came out a few years back. It was too dated for me to enjoy, but the violence I remember was still there.

  7. Sean Ferguson

    Irvin Kershner FTW!