Rom Com Fest 2019 – ‘What To See’

Well hello WhySoBlu.com readers – blast from the past movie critic Jason Coleman reporting for damn fine film fest duty!  Still on cinematic retirement, but compelled to share some tasty movie goings on with all of you (think of me as merely a gopher sticking his head above ground to survey the lay of the land ala Caddyshack!) and there is an upcoming event I wanted to bring attention to.   One with originality, a ton of movie “must sees” and that, had me hello – the first ever Rom Com Fest!  That’s right, for those looking for a little passion in their picture mixed with silly in their screening, the Los Angeles based Rom Com Fest (taking place June 20-23, 2019 at the Downtown Independent Theater – go to www.romcomfest.com for more info!) is just the ticket seeking to “celebrate love through film and experiences” and being a sucker for cinematic matters of the heart, it’s one fest I’m not going to miss.  (And yes, a multi-review article of the various flicks unspooling will follow!)

But before setting out to explore the wonderful world of love and celluloid, I though I would jot down some of the more nifty notables of this creative first fest to help the interested find that special something (or movie someone!) they’ve been looking for – it’s …‘What To See’


Coolest Film Setting


Romantic European destinations serve as lush backdrop for two troubled lovers with more than a few clashes in the rom-com “Tracks.”


Most Intriguing Film Premise


The “will they move out of their New York apartment together or in separate directions” setting of the outing “One Bedroom.”


Director To Watch For


Hot off his turn as a troubled guy who develops an unhealthy attraction to his long lost cousin in the five-star film The Automatic Hate (if you haven’t seen it you should!), actor Joseph Cross seemingly stays and plays within the realm of uncomfortable romance with his directorial debut “Summer Night.”


Retro Must See


Hand’s down the 20th Anniversary Screening of the uber-romantic “10 Things I Hate About You.”  (That ending makes me tear up every damn time!)


Best Bang for the Movie Buck


A series of seven rom-com shorts on Sunday that run the gamut of story settings (from Halloween to a modern-day fairytale!) for one low price.  (Good odds for finding hidden gems!)


Tastiest Poster


With it’s artistic ode to Linklater’s Waking Life, the poster for “Two In The Bush” is a must have.  (Do you mind if I take this one off the wall?!)


Rare Beyond the Norm Movie Experience


Check out the screening of the saucy Angela Bassett opus “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” like never before not only with a complimentary bottle of CDB Gummies, but also in your sleepwear for a full on pajama party!  (It’s a pajama jam!)


Niftiest Food Feature

Being that this fest is founded by the same team as Dessert Goals (love you all!), this event features wall to wall indulgence at every turn whether it’s complimentary my/Mo Mochi Ice Cream during select screenings or the plethora of vendors selling a variety of items guaranteed to satisfy the most fickle film fan’s sweet tooth.



Well, that’s it for now.  I’m about to get my movie groove on and don robe and slippers so follow this movie pied piper to the Rom Com Fest this week (go to www.romcomfest.com for all the skinny!) and embrace your inner tear-inducing movie geek – see you there!


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