Scary Movie 3 (Blu-ray Review)

There are countless reasons why I should think of this movie as low-brow, stupid, and idiotic attempt at a spoof film. However, I found myself laughing out loud throughout the entire movie, from the side-splittingly hilarious opening titles to the “twist” ending. Along with being a major improvement over the painful Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3 manages to produce sincerely comical laughs. You can further experience the laughter of this with Scary Movie 3.5, the all-new extended cut of the original, packing in more laughs and “scares” into an already fun film.  



Cindy (Anna Faris) is a hotshot news reporter, who is constantly being bombarded and harassed by her breast-obsessed boss to report on stories with a little more “edge” to them, if you are catching my drift. When she reports on a mysterious crop field that is being issued as a message (obviously a pun on Signs). Needless to say, her boss doesn’t approve of this uninteresting reporting, so he puts her off the project and puts her on a more interesting one (fashion models, anyone?).

Meanwhile, Cindy is also researching on a video tape that results in death in seven days every time someone watches it (The Ring, duh). Being her stupid self, Cindy watches the horrific film, and gets a call, die in seven days, you know the drill. After this she wants to uncover the mystery of both the mysterious crop field, as well as preventing her own death.

Also along the way, Cindy meets wannabe rapper George, and his buddy Tom (Simon Rex) played by Charlie Sheen (WINNING), and reunites with her best friend Brenda, the President of the United States (Leslie Nielson), and countless other goofballs including her best friend Brenda (Regina Hall), and scene stealer Dew Mikuska who all attempt to help her through this wacky situation.

What can I say, this film is one of the stupidest in cinematic history. Why do I consider it a classic? Maybe it’s because of all the random humor, or maybe it’s because of the [few] funny performances from hottie Anna Faris. She’s definitely capable of making something great, yet she is always being put in neglecting and uninspiring roles (The House Bunny is a grand example), but she really shines in Scary Movie 3. Her character is just plain hilarious. What else can I say?

The rest of the cast shines as well. Tiger Blood, I mean Charlie Sheen is in his funniest role since his many personas on the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men (running off that show, I really think Kutcher is carrying it well). Anyways, I am one of the people who support him, and I fully realize it was before he went all crazy on Hollywood, but I just find his character undeniably hilarious. His portrayal of Tom is plain riotous. He delivers lines rapidly, and gains a laugh out of me every time. Okay, enough with my sheen obsession, the rest of the cast do great in their roles and deserve all the recognition they have received. By the way, when I am saying all this, these performances are NOT to be taken seriously. They are purely for the spoof factor (which is not a bad thing).

There have been some terrible spoof movies. I don’t think I put that in enough context; there have been some HORRIBLE, AWFUL, UNBEARABLE spoof movies lately (see: Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, Vampires Suck, and the worst of all: Meet the Spartans). Just wait till these dumb directors release A Spoof Movie That Will Appeal To Pre-Teens: The Movie. However, I loved the script, and found it absolutely entertaining from the start till the last defining moment of the film. This is easily Zucker’s best film, and most likely the only good film he’ll release in his career, unless he ditches the studio that make such terrible films and distribute the films with a new company (Miramax anyone?). Regardless, I was pleased with his direction in this film.

Not a masterpiece. Not a spectacle. Not an oscar-worthy film. Not an unfunny film.



Scary Movie 3’s fantastic 1080p (1.85:1) is quite impressive, especially for a comedy of this stature. I have no concrete complaints pertaining to this, so it should be very simple. This is by far the best conversion I’ve seen since Bridesmaids (a great movie by the way, my review is here at Why So Blu?), and easily one of the best comedy conversions of all time. This may sound like a turn off for some, but with this near-flawless conversion, you can see in crisp HD all of the vomit, flying heads, urine, and muddy monsters! Super great in the video department!


Gross-out gags have never sounded clearer. Scary Movie 3 is presented in the usually fine 5.1 DTS-HD MA, and while it’s not the best conversion around, it’s still quite impressive from a technical standpoint, considering the type of film it is. Dialogue is crisp, and all of the explosions, funerals, and body fluids are clear as ever. A true surprise for the audio department.

Special Features 

The special features depend on if you enjoy them or not. While there is a wide variety, I didn’t like them all that much.


  • Audio Commentary with Director David Zucker, Producer Robert K. Weiss, and Writers Craig Mazin and Pat Proft
  • “Making of Scary Movie 3” Featurette
  • Making Scary Movie 3… FOR REAL” Featurette
  • Hulk vs. Aliens – Behind the Scenes of the Alternate Ending” Featurette
  • Alternate Ending with Optional Audio Commentary
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary
  • Outtakes and Bloopers

Final Thoughts 

So I really should not care for this film. It’s selfish, pretentious, and stupid. It’s also one of the funniest films in recent memory. Scary Movie 3 is a total laugh riot that spits jokes out minute by minute and leaves you completely satisfied when the end arrives (the ending is hilarious, by the way). The Blu-ray is packed with amazing video/audio quality, but is dumbed down by unimpressive and uninteresting special features. I will recommend this buy, just for the film.



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2 Responses to “Scary Movie 3 (Blu-ray Review)”

  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    I respect your thoughts and recognize that comedy is subjective.

    with that said…

    Is this movie Scary Movie 2 bad? No, but its still pretty crappy.

    Best film from Zucker ever? I assume you’re not counting Airplane, since it was a collaborative effort, but there are still two Naked Gun movies and even BASEketball, of all things that are better than this movie.

    This series went down the drain after the first, which benefited from being kinda clever.

  2. Matt Goodman

    I was meaning the best in the scary movie series.