Screamfest 2017 – ‘What To See’

It’s October fright fans and that can only mean one thing for LA residents – Screamfest time!  That’s right kiddies, the blood and gore filled Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2017 (go to www.screamfestla.com for more details!) taking place October 10th-19th at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in LA at the Hollywood and Highland Center is officially underway and all carnage loving film freaks are about to have their wildest nightmares come true.  Not only are there a ton of great feature films big and small, but also a gaggle of gruesome shorts and even a loving George A. Romero tribute with a free screening to boot.  We’re starting our coverage off with a sneak peek into some of the more notable nasty nuggets from this year’s creep crop in our first look at…“What To See.”


The Must-See

“Leatherface” – Who better to do an origin story on then the disturbingly mum Leatherface?  Getting into the mindset of one of the most unsettling silent characters in cinema history could prove memorable and with Stephen Dorff playing a bitter dad out for payback and the late great Tobe Hooper having served as an executive producer, Leatherface could get the saw engines running again.

Insidious Ideas

“Tragedy Girls” – A clever idea that mixes social media with things sadistic, this tale of two girls who start out as crime reporters out to catch a killer and wind up using his fame to boost their own online profiles seems fitting in our current times – getting an account verification can be vicious.

“Double Date” – Good news is your dates are here.  What’s the bad news?  They’re demented!  Good guy meets bad girls with worse ideas – could be Vamp for the current creep-seeking crowd.

“Ruin Me” – An extreme ‘Slasher Sleepout’ event turns into a reality nightmare for one lucky girl – life and death games strangely seem more realistic.

Actor’s To Die For

“1922” – This one has the always beautiful at brooding Thomas Jane as a man haunted by his dark deeds involving the murder of his wife for financial gain – add to that underused Kissed lead Molly Parker as his significant other and you’ve got a chiller with character cred.

Fearful Foreign Fare

“Alone” – This international import based on a comic book about a 16-year-old girl who wakes up and sees an empty neighborhood could give an updated infusion to old and tired genre staples – viva la frightful France!

Dying To Know

“To Hell And Back: The Kane Hodder Story” – Having only heard bits and pieces of the Kane Hodder story over the years, I for one can’t wait to hear the full and detailed tale of a guy I’m not afraid to say scares me – let’s hope for five machete’s up!


“What Metal Girls Are Into” – For some reason the sassy title, along with the fact that this one is directed by a female making her first crack at producing and directing and the mention of something disturbing being in the freezer makes me want to jump into the short movie mosh pit.


“Day of the Dead/Creepshow/Night of the Living Dead – A Tribute to George A. Romero” – not only does Screamfest pay tribute to the master of the undead with this ‘Romero-thon’ by playing three of his most beloved classics, but fans can revisit the original classic that started it all Night of the Living Dead totally and completely free…even the brain challenged Bub wouldn’t pass that offer up.

So head over to www.screamfestla.com for all the skeletal skinny on these and all the others features, shorts and events featured this year – it’s gonna be a week to die for. (Aka see you there!)


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