Screamfest 2019 – Forty-Seven Short Film Reviews

The 2019 Screamfest Film Festival may be officially over but we’re still going strong in our coverage via WhySoBlu and there are more many more films to dissect.  (So many flicks, so little time!)  With only a few more articles to go this one is dedicated to the genre outings short in stature as we dissect a whopping forty-seven short films all of which screened at this year’s fest. From sentimental zombie stories to grannies with gut slashing gumption here’s the skinny on all things short film!



Frost Bite – Harkening back to why that pilot episode of The Walking Dead via Frank Darabont was so damn good, Frost Bite blends both the sentimental and scary via impressive helmer Andrew Hunt for a five-star short that moves you.

Whistler’s Mother – Forget that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter crap, as witnessed by this tasty short that gives fictitious genre context to the famed painting of Whistler’s Mother, we should be leaving any and all historical retelling tall tales up to capable writer/director Robbie Robertson.

The Party – A moody little tale about overcoming public shyness (to ones own detriment!) whose best feature is the always rock solid Abby Eiland showing her range in a complete one-eighty from her previous no nonsense tough dame via the flick Cassidy Red here playing a shy and introverted gal looking to connect.

Rain Catcher – With way more story and style than this short film about a paranoid photographer can hold, helmer Michele Fiascaris needs a feature STAT!

Bad Hair – While the story of using nefarious products to fill a lacking chrome dome is not new, the effects in this one were so memorable and disgusting it made me stop dead in my movie snacks – good show!

Dead Teenager Séance – A tasty nostalgia trip through all things horror hair metal, slasher related and even an homage to the grislier parts of Scanners – super fun.

The Blizzard – Moody and stylish little ditty involving everything from killer blizzards to reliving past moments and mistakes – this one needs and deserves the feature film treatment.

Madame – Great little ditty about a bitter old granny who takes on all who annoy her with encouragement from her equally stern dead dad – Jason and Freddy got nothing on this sword wielding dame.

Minotauro – Interesting little genre noir about a man who can’t remember if he committed a murder or not – helmer Greg A. Sebastian got style.

Bedtime Story – Much like the titular premise, this is one creepy before bed yarn about a witch that eats family members guaranteed give nightmares.

Getting Off Early – For those with a funny bone, desire to make wrongs right and a short attention span, this two minute and thirty-one second short has got you completely covered.

Piggy – A brutal from beginning to end but utterly poignant tale of a plus-sized tortured teen who gets a little help against her unrelenting bullies via an unlikely dark ally.

Rick And Ruby – Some nice twists and turns in this gory and gag ridden short where a gang of rapists get some surprises of their own.

The Collector – Great premise involving a number to call when you need a dead body taken, but with an ambiguous ending we need a feature-length movie of this one fast!

The Crying Boy – This one not only gave me the willies but also quite literally sent a prolonged shiver up my spine – only drawback is the darn thing is way too short!

The Hitchhiker – Careful who you pick up – could be a killer, vampire, Goth or maybe all of the above. (Admire the layers here!)

The Loop – It’s Last Action Hero for the horror crowd with a kid getting more than chills and thrills when he enters the movie in progress – quirky and nostalgic.

Unseen – Creepy tale about deadly virus transmitted through eye contact that feels very Cronenberg-esque – should go full feature.

We Follow You – Stalking ghouls in the social media age – timely and tasty.

A Mother’s Love – While misdirection is this one’s only big claim to fame about a mom who can’t recognize her child, it’s one you won’t see coming.

Countryside – There’s so much visual prowess and style in this one via Director Pierre Mouchet and his Director of Photography Nicolas Beauchamp that they completely overcome the average aspects of this familiar fable. (Aka get these guys working on some original genre project ASAP!)

Shelly – Beware of hot gals who look pale – there could be some malicious intent. (And there is!)

The Burden – A dark attic, a strange neighbor and noises all around – this one has some scare alongside its spunk!

The Listening – Funny and quick short that finally contains what all good horror flicks should have – common sense!

Dinner for One – Again, at two minutes, another quick and cute, but somewhat ho-hum just deserts tale of getting even for the “I don’t have time” crowd.

The Springfield Three – Torn between the fact that this one is based on real-life events unknown (theories presented here are obtuse!) yet on its own has a kick ass story and characters (Gigi Gustin’s spirited Stacey steals this one!) that make it a horror classic, this large twenty-six minute short should have said “inspired by” and been a feature.

#chadgetstheaxe – Dug the premise of a vlogger heading into real danger via a haunted house, but the annoying arrogance of the live stream generation is unfortunately still present and accounted for.

Dead Packet – While the savory story involving Chinese superstition sells the short, the cheesy acting may give buyers remorse.

Honour They Mother – A decent creepy ghost story involving an unhealthy relationship between a mother and daughter with its share of both highs and lows – hang in till the end.

Insania – Captivating but somewhat nonsensical short involving an abusive mom and her on the verge of snapping nutburger son – crazy.

STALAG III-C – Decent enough zombie staging but this one has nothing we haven’t already seen in an undead outing before. (Except the on all fours running bit!)

The Fortune Teller – Evil…origami? Guess that darn Ouija board just ain’t enough for some people. (Decent!)

Amadine – This one involving kidnapping and brainwashing feels like a feature film cut down to a short – let this one breath at full-length fine filmmakers.

B.E. (Blood Eagle) – What starts off as a tense and sexy tale about strangers hooking up for a threesome, goes down the road of predictable and ultimately disappoints.

A Night At The Table – With a pace that’s too slow and story that takes a while to reveal itself, the important main message behind this one unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle.

Carne Fresca (Fresh Meat) – A tale of a dude trolling for fresh eager man meat feels a tad lackluster – though last act will get the blood pumping.

Babykeeper – Again another feature cut down to short length (if you consider twenty-eight minutes a short!) that tries to give Ti West’s The House of the Devil a mechanical makeover – just go feature folks.

Killer Date – What happens when two serial killers meets for a little one-on-one intimate time – nothing all that much to write home about.

Ida – While applying a constant veneer of creepy, I was often confused during this tale involving a mother and daughter who are not what they seem.

Phaencia – Sweet story of two misfit kids who find each other that eventually goes seriously awry and odd – plus this one pays more than homage to the conclusion of Sleepaway Camp. (Yipes!)

Sunnyvale – While the horrors of abusive family life are indeed the stuff of nightmares, this one is a tad tame for the genre-seeking crowd.

The Desolation Prize – A killer…sweater? This one does it’s best to give genuine scares but comes out of the movie dryer a tad wrinkled.

The Original – Human horrors are the focus of this one involving a female couple one of which is in final stages of locked-in syndrome, but just not enough to chill viewers’ movie bones.

Orchard Girl – Cautionary tale against picking up strangers that ultimately drives nowhere – at least it was a short ride.

Murder Ballad – No real comeuppance or justice via this tale of an abused wife who fights back – a shame.

Allergic Overreation – What happens when a nut allergy in some cookies for movie night goes horribly wrong? You get an allergic overreaction with a lot of overrating.

H’ilol – Cannot tell you the story or premise of this one except that drinking excessive amounts of Coke will rot your teeth.


We’re not done yet – stay tuned for more feature reviews via Screamfest 2019 and our final Best of Fest “Wrap Up” article coming up!


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