Screamfest 2019 – “What To See” (Father & Son Edition!)

For those who live in Los Angeles and have a love for all things horror, October is the month to watch for in that it houses the ultimate genre festival of the year – the beyond compare Screamfest 2019!  That’s right fright fans, for those who need their blood bucket filled to the movie brim the Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2019 (go to www.screamfestla.com for more details!) taking place October 8th – 17th at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in LA at the Hollywood and Highland Center is on the dark horizon and as usual this year’s crop looks to be a wondrous mix of both blood and gore for the conservative yet cannibalistic cinephile.  From creepy features to scary shorts, the line up for Screamfest 2019 proves once again why the yearly event is the king of seeking out the outstanding in the realm of what makes us scared.  And since there is such an abundance of savory unsettling selections this year, both film critic Jason Coleman and his proud movie-loving pop Michael Coleman will be working in tandem to bring the skinny on the full crop of horror hopefuls.  (Two movie geeks for the price of one!)  But as always first up are the initial impressions on what they think are the hot tickets of the fest.  Father and son coverage time… it’s What To See’!




Actors To Die For

“A Good Woman Is Hard To Find” – The super sassy yet scary Sarah Bolger last seen doing damage as a babysitter from hell in Michael Thelin’s Emelie here plays a widowed mother of two looking for some answers and possibly payback – Bolger knows how to bring it.

Notable Filmmakers of Fright

“Eat Brains Love” – Quirky Director Rodman Flender of Idle Hands fame brings his unique blend of horror and comedy to the big screen again with this tale of zombie love – I’ll have what the undead are having.

“Kindred Spirits” – Filmmaker Lucky McKee, who brought creepy to a whole other level with The Woman, here tackles the subject of unhealthy sibling devotion – knowing McKee this family is gonna be f@cked up.

Demented Description That Sells

“Porno” – After finding a hidden film, five movie theater employees “unleash an alluring succubus who gives them a sex education…written in blood.”  Where was this educational visual aid when I was in school?!

Coolest Creepy Poster

“She Never Died” – Channeling her inner hate, anger, hunger and anguish over being immortal (feels like Highlander for the demonic crowd!), lead Olunike Adeliyi gives off the best unsettling vibes with just her expression for a memorable poster that even Freddy Krueger would take pause putting on the wall.  (But not me!)



“The Party” – The fact that this short stars standout Cassidy Red alum Abby Eiland is more than enough to make this one a must-see – true layered work like Eiland’s lingers.

“Bad Hair” – Seemingly a cross between The Fly and the segment ‘Hair’ from the flick Body Bags, Bad Hair has me curious just how far someone will go to add a little growth to an empty chrome dome.





Actor’s To Die For

“Immortal” – Anything with both Tony Todd (Candyman himself!) and Dylan Baker (Happiness is forever engrained in my brain sir!) warrants a watch.

“We Summon The Darkness” – This one has Jackass lead man Johnny Knoxville as some sort of priest – hell yeah.

Notable Filmmakers of Fright

“Trick” – Patrick Lussier, he of My Bloody Valentine and Drive Angry, is back with a Halloween doppelgänger that could be the most fun flick of the fest.

Remake That Won’t Suck…Your Blood!

“Rabid” – Remaking Cronenberg seems like a sin, but if anyone can pull it off with style it’s the Soska Sisters – can’t wait!



“Dead Packet” – Hopefully hits the Hong Kong far out horror spot that’s been empty lately.

“Whistler’s Mother” – Painting that angry old broad may finally make sense with this creative looking horror short.

That’s it for now kiddies! But don’t forget to go to www.screamfestla.com (tickets are on sale now!) for all the info and head out next week to see what all of LA already knows – Screamfest rules.  (With a bloody and spiked iron hand!)  See you there!


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