SDCC 2015: Ash vs. Evil Dead Trailer & Panel

SDCC 2015We didn’t get to see this because you have to sacrifice parts of your soul to be in Hall H all day. This is the time where I wish I was Hermione Granger with her god-damned time-turner, it’s all about encasing that hour-reversal charm for added stability.  Alas, with fresh baby deer eyes I watched the Ash VS. Evil Dead trailer this morning and immediately squirmed in delight while simultaneously planning the best-ever-halloween-slash-Ash VS. Evil Dead-party extravaganza for it’s premiere on October 31st 2015.  It will be the best this Halloween.  This trailer is action packed along with sprinkles of dark comedy.  A little light with the dark is always well suited and it certainly doesn’t skip out on the gore.  There was a lot of blood in this trailer, on faces, in cars, all over.  With fast cuts galore it is visually a blast from the past.  Here’s the trailer:


And, in all it’s glory here is the full panel below. Side note — when I saw that Steve Aukerman from Comedy Bang Bang was the moderator I just, yep all I can say is Hermione hook a sister up. I don’t know if I pull off that diction style well.



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