SDCC 2017: Blade Runner 2049

Comic-Con 2017The Hall H 180 screens continued today with Blade Runner 2049. After a run down of what happened with Deckard and what has happened to society since 2019 (I won’t spoil it), Jared Leto came onstage and began discussing the future and what Blade Runner means to him. After he was done, he disappeared, revealing that we had been watching a hologram the entire time. Pretty amazing.


We saw the final trailer, which never ceases to amaze me.

Chris Hardwick brought out director Denis Villeneuve, Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, and Lennie James.

When asked what made him want to direct the film, Villeneuve answered, “I didn’t want anyone to f**k this up.” According to him, the best way to work with Ridley is when he is far away. During pre-production, they discussed Ridley’s inspiration, but then let him take over and went away.

On returning to the character Deckard, Ford said, “I wanted to come back because of a great script that deepened the understanding of the character.” In addition, the script had great depth and opportunity.

Blade Runner 2049

Hardwick asked if it help answer questions from the first film? After hesitating for a couple seconds, he just left us with “it doesn’t matter what I think.”

According to Gosling,  as a fan of the original, he was excited that they were going to continue the story. “It’s like being on the football team with the Avengers.” Hardwick inquired, “what about being on a team with the Justice League?” which made the crowd applaud.

They showed a new clip! Officer K (Gosling) is being led to an archive room by  a female replicant. Along the way, they pass the statues of replicants, one of which looks very similar to Dave Bautista. Once in the room, the replicant takes an orb and places it in the computer, where it plays footage titled, “The Tyrell Archives.” The old, cracked audio is of Deckard interrogating a replicant. K observes that the female replicant on the recording “likes him, this Officer Deckard. She’s trying to provoke him.” When asked what the footage is, the replicant responds, “It’s invigorating being asked questions. It makes me feel desired.” She asks Gosling if he enjoys his job, but he just stays silent. The clip felt very detached, very appropriate to Scott’s original.

Blade Runner 2049

After, Ford said that the first film explored ethics of replicants and their utility, and it’s explored in the new story, but he concluded by stating he wouldn’t say anything else. Hardwick threatened to tickle him until he spoke, but Harrison stood to challenge him. It was one of those moments where you completely believe that Ford would beat up his moderator right there on stage in front of everyone. That Harrison! He’s so perpetually grouchy!

Lennie James, who is on The Walking Dead, had to film within a small window of time while shooting WD.

During the Q&A, Gosling was asked if he had any advice for his character. The advice: Don’t accidentally go into Harrison Ford’s trailer. Ford’s reply: “Good advice”

Lastly, a man asked Ford, “Is your life goal to reboot every major franchise you starred in?” Without missing a beat, Ford said, “you bet your ass it is”

Blade Runner 2049


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