SDCC 2017: Justice League

Comic-Con 2017Jason Momoa came crashing down from the back of Hall H down the aisles, high-fiving fans along the way. People went absolutely crazy for this. When he finally got on stage, moderator Chris Hardwick said, “makes sense that you’re Aquaman, because everyone is super wet right now.” It was a funny and exciting way to begin a really great Justice League panel.

Two years ago, at the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, Zack Snyder was incredibly enthusiastic and Ben Affleck appeared distracted and irritated, which made sense when we finally heard about the troubled production that film had. It also didn’t help that Affleck’s personal life drama had just been made public. Last year, Affleck seemed in good spirits, mostly because he had just been given the keys to the DCCU kingdom. He was in charge while Snyder sort of stood on the sidelines. Things have changed since then. There have been rumors of Affleck leaving the role, the fact that he’s no longer directing The Batman. It was a great surprise to see him and everyone else in the best spirits possible.

Justice League

But before they all came out to join Momoa, we saw a clip from Aquaman. Not a trailer, just a small 2 minute clip. Two older gentlemen are fishing in a small boat. It’s a nice, calm day. Suddenly, one of them hooks something BIG. It pulls them, increasing in intensity as every second passes. As they’re about to sink, the rod is yanked from his hand.

Justice League

They look down and we see a massive army passing underneath; ships everywhere in the ocean. The camera moves underwater and we see an endless line of these ships and warriors riding on sharks. We learned later in the panel that the army belongs to Ocean Master, played by Patrick Wilson. Momoa proudly boasted, “I get to fight my brother!”

The footage is awesome, and the concept art we saw devicted a vivid and beautiful Atlantis, and the clip served to reinforce this. James Wan seems to have knocked it out of the park.

Justice League

The entire cast came in from the sides, high-fiving fans along the way as well.

Gal Godot was absolutely the ringleader of the cast. She spoke to the audience, asked questions, and got them cheering.

We were given a visual lineup of the films that are slated to open. They are:

– Shazam!

– Flashpoint

– Wonder Woman 2

– Suicide Squad 2

– The Batman

– Batgirl

– Green Lantern Corps

– Justice League Dark

Look at that list. I’m surprised by Flashpoint and Green Lantern Corps. If they stay true to the comics, Flashpoint will tell the story of Barry Allen going back in time to prevent the death of his mother. In the process he inadvertently creates an alternate timeline. The implications include  nobody knowing who Flash is, Thomas Wayne becoming Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, and Atlantis and Themyscira at war. If they went this route, it could serve as almost Justice League 1.5, which wouldn’t be a bad idea if Justice League really connects this November and if audiences embrace the rest of the characters in the way they have Wonder Woman. It would be their Captain America: Civil War.

Chris Hardwick questioned Ben Affleck on the rumor that he was leaving the Batman role. He responded, “I would be a f**king ape on the ground for Matt Reeves, so obviously I’m going to be Batman for him. Let me be clear. Batman is the coolest fucking part in any universe. I’m so thrilled to do it. I’m not going anywhere.”

Justice League

Well, then! I’m happy to hear that we’ll have Ben Affleck around in the role for a few more years. While Affleck did seem quiet, he was quieter than usual.

Ezra Miller playfully threw some shade at Marvel, saying the D.C is the best cinematic universe around, and there is no other comic book studio in his mind.

Affleck introduced the new Justice League trailer. I have to say: IT LOOKS PRETTY FUN! The character interaction is charming, the action is swashbuckling, Alfred looks great again, Aquaman is a blast, The Flash is joyfully awkward, and Wonder Woman continues to look kick-ass. Again, still not sure how I feel about Cyborg, but who knows? In context he might be outstanding. This could be a film where you love all the main players equally.

Take a look for yourself!

How are you not sold completely after that opening hold-up that ends with Wonder Woman bursting through the wall?

Later in the panel, an audience member asked what they were all doing when they got the call. All of them had pretty great answers, all highlight their respect for Snyder. To be fair, he does sound like an all around great guy.

Justice League

Godot was in an airplane when she got the call and began screaming, attracting the concern of everyone around. Momoa was in Snyder’s office and was asked if he wanted to play Aquaman by the director himself. Miller was in a small Costa Rica town, eating delicious fish, when he got a call from an agent, very panicked, saying Snyder was on the phone. Snyder offered the job. Miller had a conniption. People were alarmed.

Justice League

Rat Fisher was reading another script, assuming that he had bombed the Justice League audition. Snyder called him saying “looks like we’re making a movie.” Snyder made the call personally just to hear Fisher’s reaction. Affleck was in a meeting with Snyder, and Snyder said, “we’re doing this,” taging out a sculpture of Batman and Superman fighting. “I’m in!” Affleck answered.
There was a LOT of love towards Snyder. There was barely any mention of the reshoots, but Fisher was wearing a shirt that said, “I Love ZS.” It was quite wonderful to see so much support for their director. They all really felt like a team up there.

Lastly, a boy asked what role Superman would play. Momoa replied, “not sure if your parents showed you the last movie, but Superman’s DEAD.”


I never stand in front of the elevator doors when they open. All because of the movie The Departed.

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  1. Gregg

    Can’t wait for Justice League!!! Flashpoint…hmm…an odd choice indeed. That is a bit of an involved story to tell on screen.