Set Up (Blu-ray Review)

Just when you thought Bruce Willis (Pulp Fiction, Cop Out) couldn’t sink any lower, he goes ahead and stars in this abyssal straight to dvd movie with Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson. What this basically is, is a failed attempt at a heist movie, with borderline terrible performances. In my honest opinion, there was no way this film had any chance to turn out well. Aside from a killer video/audio quality, the special feature department is laughable. A true waste of time. Keep reading to see what a real “paycheck” film looks like with the Set Up… hey, where you goin’? 



When a group of pals robs a car holding diamonds, they realize they were setup, and are betrayed by one of their own in a brutally cliche gunfight, where Sonny (50 Cent) gets shot multiple times and survives (story of his life, right?). After healing, Sonny seeks revenge on the killer, and plots to bring justice to the situation. Along the way, he encounters mob leader Biggs (Bruce Willis) and an over-the-top Ryan Philippe in an extremely committed yet lazy performance.

Now I’m all for a good heist movie, but this is just plain awful. What’s even more awful, is thinking it would be a good idea to present 50 Cent as a “serious” actor. Yes, I know that Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was a supposedly serious performance from him, but all I saw was a rapper without a talent. Given, he does have a distinct talent for rapping, but as an actor, he is an abomination.

If that wasn’t sad enough, poor Bruce Willis was dragged into the film, and is quite terrible. I’m an avid fan of Willis, yet I don’t think I can back him up for Set Up. In this completely over-the-top, lame, and unnecessary performance, Willis attempts to present the cheesiest mob boss ever. Boy, does he succeed. His character is aggressive indeed, but doesn’t take it to the full extent where it shows anything whatsoever memorable or new. Willis’ performance is dead baby, it’s dead (I couldn’t resist a Pulp Fiction reference!).

The film was directed by Mike Gunther, who directed last years Danny Trejo film Beatdown. Again, I have to dissect another flaw, which is the crazy direction this man goes for. He doesn’t give the characters much emotion, nor does he know how to properly edit a film. He’s widely responsible for the film being a scattered mess. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was also the credited writer for the film. I don’t know what to say about this script. It’s simply terrible; not even laughable-terrible.

Avoid at all costs.


There are redeeming factors of the film as well! Set Up’s 1080p (2.40:1) is spectacular, and is the best looking Blu-ray in recent memory. The sharpness in this film is inexplainable. It’s absolutely, positively PERFECT. From the gunfights, to the chases, to walking around in broad city daylight, and the drops of sweat on the actors faces,  Set Up features phenomenal video quality.


Set Up’s 5.1 DTS-HD MA is yet another redeeming factor that makes me want to see this again. I cannot fathom how much @$$ this audio kicks, but I’ll start with my always favorite aspect: my speakers went berserker over the film, as they sounded just like they did during my first Blu-ray experience (The Dark Knight). Anyways, sounds are crisp as ever, especially during gun-fights and even in dialogue scenes. A big win in the audio department!

Special Features

Nope. Not acceptable. A decent commentary track would be the LEAST I wanted.

  • Commentary With Co-Writer/Director Mike Gunther and Stunt Coordinator Kyle Woods
  • Making Setup
  • Inside The Gun Locker
  • The Weapons of Setup
  • Interviews With Cast And Crew

Final Thoughts 

Although it has a killer audio/video track, Set Up is incredibly forgettable, and is honestly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. There is no reason a film should be THIS bad, especially if it includes Bruce Willis in it. This is absolutely not a recommendation.




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2 Responses to “Set Up (Blu-ray Review)”

  1. Brian White

    Whoa! I’m staying away from this one!

  2. Matt Goodman

    That would be wise, Brian.