Shadow Service #1 from Vault Comics

A small yet potent comic book publisher, Vault Comics made its industry debut in 2016 and prides itself on publishing “original, creator-owner science fiction and fantasy comics” as mentioned on the company’s website. Vault has an already impressive array of titles which continues to grow. One of the more recent of those is an ongoing series titled Shadow Service.

The story focuses on a London private investigator who also happens to be a witch. Not only does she excel at tracking her target, Gina, as she is known, also possesses an arsenal of spells that she’s been cognizant of since her youth. Gina leads a tumultuous life and one that is only increased in chaos by the situations she often puts herself in occupationally.

The premier issue does more than just a functional job of setting up the main character and the story. It delivers effective storytelling which is expertly paced, thus serving as a launch pad for not only the upcoming second issue, but the series as a whole. So who is the mastermind behind Shadow Service?

That would be none other than Cavan Scott, who is best known for his work in the Star Wars universe, most specifically the director of the Dooku: Jedi Lost audio drama. His resumé also includes such literary works as Tales from Vader’s Castle and something we can expect from the much-anticipated Star Wars: High Republic.

The artwork in Shadow Service comes from the talents of someone who is no stranger to Cavan Scott, as the two worked together on Tales from Vader’s Castle together. Corin Howell is the master of the lines on the pages of Shadow Service as he combines his artistry with Scott’s narration and dialogue. Howell’s work tends to offer up softer edges and more curves as opposed to a more detailed environment or character. It’s not a criticism, just a style, and it seems to work quite well here.

The debut issue is certainly worth checking out as it’s currently averaging four out of five stars on Comixology, and regardless of stars, it’s just a really entertaining read but not one for the faint of heart as there is plenty of gore to go around.

Expect issue #2 to hit store shelves on September 23rd.

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