Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis (Blu-ray Review)

This is part two of our weekend Blu-ray music reviews.  You rocked out with Primal Scream on their Blu-ray release, well we are here to bring you some Sheryl Crow on Blu-ray.  Sheryl Crow is on a roll.  Not only is she a super successful singer who just finished a long tour across the country, but she has TWO Blu-rays coming out this summer!  This review will be focusing on her 100 Miles From Memphis tour where the singer tried to bring a different flavor to her set list.  Did it work?  How did it sound?  Did she look fabulous?  All of this and more will be answered as Why So Blu and Eagle Rock Entertainment bring you  Sheryl Crow:  Miles From Memphis Live From the Pantages Theater on Blu-ray.  Enjoy! 




On Sheryl Crow’s latest album  Miles From Memphis the singer decided to strip down from her rock ‘n roll roots and take it to the soul if you will.  This Blu-ray chronicles her performance at the world famous Pantages Theater in Hollywood.  The Pantages is famous for once being owned by Howard Hughes and being home to the Academy Awards from 1949-1959.  If I remember correctly, this would be the last stop on Sheryl’s tour, too.  Very fitting.  A classic venue for a classy artist.

The Miles From Memphis Blu-ray also showcases the new backing band for the tour who go by the name of “The Thieves.”  These guys rock without rocking if you get my meaning.  The bass player Tommy Sims rules, as does guitarist Chris Bruce.  Doyle Bramhall II takes lead guitar duties.  This is a full band and they never miss a beat; Sheryl gets to do her thing.

When one sees this show or listens to the Miles From Memphis Blu-ray it comes off more like a few friends getting together for a cool jam session.  I’ve read some reviews of the album (not the Blu-ray) and was surprised to read that the reaction from fans was almost mixed.  You had a certain group of fans say that Sheryl miscalculated her range and that she didn’t quite pull it off as a “black soul singer.”  I’ve heard the term “white soul” used as well.  Now I won’t be going off on a rant like that, but rest assured that Sheryl Crow on Miles From Memphis is anything other than the great singer she has always been.  She’s not trying to channel any new characters or trying to impersonate anyone.  She’s an artist of the highest caliber, has always been able to sing her heart out; much props and respect should be given to this artist for trying something new.

The Blu-ray showcases her wonderful talents in high definition video and sound.  If you’re so inclined (and 21 and over) open up a bottle of your favorite wine, pop in Miles From Memphis on Blu-ray and let the music take you away.  These are some cool jams at their finest.  


Set List

Our Love Is Fading

A Change Would Do You Good

100 Miles From Memphis

Can’t Cry Anymore

Strong Enough

Summer Day

My Favorite Mistake

Redemption Day

Long Road Home

Everyday Is A Winding Road


Roses And Moonlight

If It Makes You Happy

Soak Up The Sun

Peaceful Feeling

All I Wanna Do / Got To Give It Up

I Want You Back

I Shall Believe




Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis is presented in 1080i 16X9 (1.78:1) widescreen.  I’m going to continue to sound like a broken record and give props to Eagle Rock Entertainment for presenting their Blu-rays in 1080i.  They get that 1080i is the way live music events should be filmed in.  Colors are dynamic as are skin tones.  Black levels, and there are quite a few instances of where music is played in total darkness, look good, but do crush just a tad bit.  Contrast is not boosted for the most part.  DNR is absent, and banding nearly absent.  The image is pretty consistent throughout.  Edge enhancement is gone, and the image never fluctuates between heavy grain or softness.  Sheryl Crow looks great in high definition! 


Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis contains three audio track options.  There is a stereo LPCM, Dolby Digital 5.1, and a full DTS-MA HD 5.1 lossless track.  You know how we do it.  This is another winner.  Sheryl isn’t known for speed metal or anything like that.  Her music is mellow and cool to jam to.  The lossless track handles all of the musical instruments with ease. Sheryl Crow is a great singer, so the center channel on this presentation has to do most of the work.  Fear not, it succeeds where most would fail.  Crow’s vocals come through exquisitely.  You’d think she was in your living room doing a show just for you.  Ambient surround effects also get a bit of a boost, but never interfere with what’s going on the stage.  The crowd never drowns out the band.  Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis on Blu-ray is the next best thing to seeing Sheryl Crow live in person.

Special Features

All good things don’t last forever.  That goes for the special features on this Blu-ray, too.  There’s a featurette that has Sheryl talking about coming back to Hollywood to play at the world famous Pantages Theater, in addition to doing a sound check, and playing two full songs as well.  A booklet with her addressing the Blu-ray release is included with this disc.

  • Behind the Scenes with Sheryl Crow featuring rehearsal versions of Eye to Eye and Stop


Final Thoughts 

There are many Sheryl Crow DVD’s out there, so here’s hoping that those come to Blu-ray, because if Miles From Memphis is a any indication, it will be a great day for music and the Blu-ray format.  If you’re interested in a collection of awesome tunes in lossless surround sound sung by a beautiful and classy woman then you really shouldn’t hesitate in scooping up Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis Live At The Pantages Theater. It’s a great Blu-ray.  



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