Sorority-Party-MassacreAnchor Bay sure is hyping this one up.  I’m surprised they’re not giving it a full Blu-ray treatment.  It seems sort of strange.  Today, they’ve released the trailer for the film so we can sort of get the tone for the film and its definitely an exploitative horror-comedy.  It looks like it could be some trashy fun, but will it all work?  Also below, I’ve got a new promo image from the film and the final box art for the cover of the DVD.  This is a Valentine’s Day week.  Once again, this thing stars Why So Blu? head honcho Brian E. White’s favorite actor Kevin Sorbo as well as Leslie Easterbrook and Ron Jeremy.  There’s a pre-order for it finally up and I have provided the link for it below.  Click, order and we’ll watch together.  So click the “More” link and let’s get to it!

An isolated town full of sexy college girls has a dangerous secret: one girl has gone missing each year for the last 20 years. A big-city cop, in danger of losing his badge, agrees to aid the town’s sheriff in investigating these unsolved disappearances. Quickly they realize that they are dealing with a psychotic killer whose brilliance has been twisted into a taste for terror, torture and sorority sister torment. But when this party gets started, who will graduate – and who will be held back? 

Sorority Party Massacre PROMO



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