South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season (Blu-ray Review)

Those cute, lovable, perverse, filthy little kids that we all know and hate to love have finally arrived on Blu-ray.  South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season on Blu-ray is packed with all 14 episodes from the controversial fourteenth season.  We’ll get to what was so controversial in the review.  I have not seen the complete thirteenth or any of the fifteenth season episodes (I don’t have cable), so take this review with a grain of salt as it will be coming from someone who got thrown in the deep end of a pool without floaties.  Without further a-do let’s get into South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season on Blu-ray.  Onward! 


Originally premiering in the Spring of 2010 South Park seemed ready to steamroll its way to audiences on Comedy Central leaving no controversial stone unturned.  Usually celebrities and pop culture are always the butt of the joke.  This time around the makers had something else in mind.  Mohammad.  Yeah, this was not to be smooth sailing for the South Park gang.  So it came to be that the episodes entitled “200” and “201” were censored.  Mohammad was completely obscured.  That’s just for episode “200” and with episode “201” his name in addition to Kyle’s speech at the end was totally bleeped out.  Be warned, this is not the uncensored versions and I doubt we will ever get to see them.  Too much drama involved.

Other than those instances of censorship, the complete fourteenth season of South Park is excellent.  My favorite episodes were the Tiger Woods spoof Sexual Healing. That episode has the boys playing a simulated video game with the storyline that involves Tiger Wood’s dilemma with his now ex-wife.  Yes, hilarity did ensue with that one.

The episode that takes a big bite out of what’s cool at the moment has got to be It’s  A Jersey Thing where they just lampoon Jersey Shore and pretty much the entire state of New Jersey.  If I only knew that the Sizzler was off the chain like that I would go more often.  Cue the trance music, yo!

Insheeption gives it to Inception by explaining what a dream within dream means when that person is dreaming… and so forth.  Sheep are also involved, so take that as you will.  Michael Caine does a funny suspense music thing while dancing in a funny fashion. *boom-pa-boom-dum-du-doom*  It’s pretty hysterical.

Too close it out there’s an epic three episode story arc that features Mysterion, The Coon, and my lord and savior Cthuhlu.  I had a nerdgasm when Cthulhu hit the stage, because out of all places South Park? That’s awesome!   He wrecked carnage and devastation upon the world with no way to be stopped.  He also looked pretty cool in a belly shirt.  Go figure.

The season finale was also pretty epic.  I’m surprised that episode wasn’t censored, but — I think I’ll stop it right there, because I do not want to spoil it any further for you guys.  If you’re a diehard fan I think you will enjoy this season. It’s a hearty 14 episodes with a bonus episode from the previous season.



Sexual Healing

The Tale Of Scrotie McBoogerballs

Medicinal Fried Chicken

You Have 0 Friends



Crippled Summer

Poor and Stupid

Its A Jersey Thing


Coon 2: Hindsight

Mysterion Rises

Coon Vs. Coon and Friends

Creme Fraiche



South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season is presented in 1080p high definition.  The colors are bright and refreshing and really pop on this Blu-ray.  I did detect certain instances of banding which varied from episode to episode.  It wasn’t too bad, but was noticeable.  The overall look of the show had a pristine slickness to it whether that came from the source or post I couldn’t tell, because  I don’t know how they normally film the show.  I can only say that the source was very clean. 


South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season is presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1.  This is a bit of overkill, in my opinion.  Not the fact that South Park gets a lossless track, but that for the majority of the show it is not utilized to its maximum potential.  I would say that only about a half dozen episodes really packed a lossless crunch with the rest just sounding a bit on average side.  I noticed that most episodes never went past the 1000 kpbs mark unless the action picked up.  Now for the episodes that did take advantage of the TrueHD soundfield those episodes sound great.  Barbra Streisand and Cthulhu sounded awesome…don’t ask.

Special Features 

South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season has a few special special features that include a mini-commentary by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.  There’s also some deleted scenes and a bonus episode from season thirteenth, I believe, called “The Coon.”

  • Mini-Commentaries by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, on all episodes.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bonus Episode #1302 “The Coon”

Final Thoughts  

What can I say?  You either like South Park or you don’t.  Or you’re like me where you’re in the middle.  I’m in the middle, because I don’t have access to them and I refuse to watch them on a tiny computer screen.  I hope Comedy Central releases the entire series on Blu-ray at some point.  I would totally scoop that up in a heartbeat.  As it stands South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season is a very good season and the Blu-ray is way above average in terms of content and video and audio specs.  Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go get me some KFC, yo!


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    Yeah, this season had its moments. More than I can say about this current season, happening now.