The SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer Has Dropped!

Harley Quinn THUMBI have to admit I may have been losing faith in the DC side of comic book movies. Don’t get me wrong, the Dark Knight trilogy was fantastic, but it ended, and what else was inspiring? Not Green Lantern. Not Man of Steel. So there I was wishing for DC to get in the game, to hit us with some of that freaking fantastic material we all know is sitting in their vaults, when this little beauty of a trailer drops.  Click on or scroll down to check it out!

Suicide Squad has me salivating. We’ve got villains being heroes. We’ve got Killer Croc being wheeled out like Hannibal Lector. We’ve got carnies, skull faced dudes, and, oh, for good measure, we’ve got Will Smith too. Also, and I apologize if this is blasphemy for some, but I’m thrilled with Jared Leto’s Joker , from the few moments I’ve seen of him. He looks like Cesar Romero if Cesar Romero had been raised in San Quentin. The way it ought to be.

This trailer renews my faith in DC as marketable. This looks dark. It looks funny. It looks demented. It looks like the kind of movie that will put butts in seats, mine among them. Oh, and did you see how they dropped Katana in there? No dialogue, no explanation, just a fierce looking girl in a mask with a sword. If the idea of a trailer is to get somebody to want to watch the film, mission accomplished. I can’t wait. Of course we never know if a movie will deliver based on a great trailer, but I’m confident in this one. At a glance it seems to have all the parts necessary to make one hulluva joy ride. Lets hear it for the bad guys. Worst. Heroes. Ever.



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  1. Jay

    Can’t wait for this and Batman V Superman, loved The Man Of Steel.