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Aaron’s Top Ten Films of Summer 2016 & More

The summer of 2016 was a weird one.  While there was plenty of anticipation for potential big hits, more than a few of the supposed blockbusters ended up underwhelming. Some of the expected hits delivered as well, but there was plenty of disappointment among the big hits. As usual though, many of the smaller films […]


The Messy Guns: From The Files Of ‘Suicide Squad’ (Movie Review)

There’s a scene at the end of the second act of Suicide Squad where Task Force X, a group of supervillains brought together to fight fire with fire (sometimes literally), hang out in a bar. The idea is to have the group relate to each other and come to the conclusion that the world may […]


It’s A Great Time To Be Alive Part 3: Suicide Squad – Official Comic-Con Soundtrack Remix

Okay!  So like I needed a third reason!  While I’m holding up the home front here in Austin, TX while my peers are living it up at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 today in Hall H, videos like this that Warner Bros. just released online make it a good time to be alive.  After all, Batman […]


SDCC 2016 – Suicide Squad Movie Costumes!

I am proud and honored to present these fine Suicide Squad cast costumes from this years San Diego Comic Con! Take a look at the intense attention to detail that the designers put into each and every one of these gorgeous outfits!  Check them out below!


The SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer Has Dropped!

I have to admit I may have been losing faith in the DC side of comic book movies. Don’t get me wrong, the Dark Knight trilogy was fantastic, but it ended, and what else was inspiring? Not Green Lantern. Not Man of Steel. So there I was wishing for DC to get in the game, […]