Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season (Blu-ray Review)

SupernaturalDean Winchester lost his battle with power-mad angel scribe Metatron, only to be resurrected by the power of the First Blade and now transformed into a demon, cursed with the Mark of Cain and riding shotgun with the King of Hell, Crowley. The road to recovering  wayward Dean takes brother Sam down sinister paths himself, with consequences that will shaw the boys to their core. The Winchester’s angelic comrade-in-arms, Castiel, must pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Metatron’s campaign to overtake Heaven. With his grace failing and rogue angels still loose, Cass faces the ticking clock of his own mortality while all-new and ages-old threats again push our heroes to their human and otherworldly limits.  


The Series 

Supernatural puts Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) in a bit of a pickle. He’s been branded with the Mark of Cain and must continuously kill to satiate his thirst for it. Actually, his demon’s thirst for it. It’s literally a double-edged sword since he’s got a couple of different things going on all at the same time. He’s a demon, a killer, brother, etc. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) has his own problems but has to keep an eye out on Dean and make sure he doesn’t go on a killing spree to satiate his demonic tendencies.

Now as far as his adversaries go, Crowley, the Lord of Hell, has his own issues. His mother, Rowena, has entered his life and is not pleased with what she sees. She sees that Crowley has placated Sam and Dean and called a temporary truce to trying to kill the brothers. She believes that he should destroy and annihilate them and the world – seeing that that’s his nature. She, of course, has he own plans for coming out on top. To say that Rowena isn’t a fiery lass would be an understatement. She’s one of the newest characters to be introduced that really lights a fire under the show’s ass, because she can convey danger and helplessness really well.

Sprinkled into the main storyline – we get a lot of standalone episodes that continue to turn familiar legends on their collective heads. We get a retelling of Hansel & Gretel, Frankenstein, etc. We also get a really neat episode that reminded me of Wes Anderson’s Rushmore where the kids at the school create a Supernatural musical. They also managed to create a really “who dun it” type of episode that was all Murder She Wrote, if you get my meaning.

As far as the drama and emotions go the ongoing conflicts, inner and outer, and conveyed rather well and the show continues to literally take no prisoners. I won’t say who dies but several very familiar characters that we’ve grown and loved throughout these past ten years bite the big one. The show continues to move full steam ahead in terms of acting, production, writing, and directing, as well. I’ve yet to get bored by the show and it serves as a testament to the longevity of such a cool show. I reckon season eleven has just, or is about to, air. You know I’ll be back to review season eleven, so until then: carry on my wayward son… Zing!




Soul Survivor

Paper Moon

Fan Fiction

Ask Jeeves

Girls, Girls, Girls

Hibbing 911

The Things We Left Behind

The Hunter Games

There’s No Place Like Home

About A Boy

Halt & Catch Fire

The Executioner’s Song

The Things They Carried

Paint It Black

Inside Man

Book Of The Damned

The Werther Project

Angel Heart

Dark Dynasty

The Prisoner

Brother’s Keeper




Encoding: AVC/MPEG-4

Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Clarity/Detail: These Blu-ray sets keep getting better and better in terms of quality but they’ve been looking great since they’ve been transferred to high definition, so it’s no surprise that this season continues the terrific trend. Sharpness and contrast levels look great and outside of a few instances of lens flares for stylistic purposes this transfer doesn’t disappoint.

Depth: Supernatural looks slicker than usual depending on any particular episode’s theme. Slick doesn’t mean flat or polished either.

Black Levels: Black levels look deep and inky – without compression or greying out.

Color Reproduction: The color palette looks great – again, depending on that episode’s theme, may be boosted, bright, sepia, or even black and white.

Flesh Tones: Flesh tones look natural.

Noise/Artifacts: I did not detect any instances of dirt or debris.





Audio Format(s): English DTS HD-MA 5.1

Subtitles: English SDH, French, Spanish

Dynamics: Supernatural is a demo worthy television show – granted, it’s got a lossless mix, but when it comes down to it – it really comes through. I could probably rate Seasons 1-9 as demo worthy, as well. The studio has never skimped on the Blu-ray quality of this show. We like that.  

Low Frequency Extension: The LFE subwoofer channel is epic on this Blu-ray set. Since every other episode deals with creatures, monsters, etc., it enhances the action bits.

Surround Sound Presentation: The rear surround channels produce great effects and the ambience is enhanced. They never blend into the front sound stage.

Dialogue Reproduction: Dialogue is clean and clear and without distortion.




Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season is loaded up with many extras that include the annual Comic-Con presentation, audio commentaries on selected episodes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and my personal favorite: gag reels. All of these extras presented in high definition for your viewing pleasure!

  • 3 Episode Commentaries
  • A Very Special Supernatural Special: Cast and producers share favorite memories and monstrosities from Seasons 1-9 (HD)
  • Supernatural at 2014 Comic-Con: Cast and producers preview season 10 (HD)
  • Supernatural Theatre: Staging the 200th Episode: Go behind the scenes on Fan Fiction, featuring Supernatural: The Musical (HD)
  • The Winchester Mythology: Battling the Mark and the Blade: Excavate the mythological influences in Season 10 (HD)
  • Supernatural FANS: The special relationship between the show and  its audience (HD)
  • Unaired Scenes (HD)
  • Gag Reel (HD)






 Ten years strong and Supernatural shows no signs or letting up and in today’s television market that is a good thing. The adventures of The Winchester Brothers will delight and entertain. The Blu-ray set has excellent video and even better audio, with some great extras. If you’re a fan of the show, as I am, then getting this tenth season is a total no-brainer. You still reading? Get to it!



Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season is available on Blu-ray & DVD!







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