The Bounty Hunter no Boba Fett

The Bounty HunterOkay, so Boba Fett wasn’t actually comedic as the intent of this film is, but he was cool and that’s something the film The Bounty Hunter is not.  Starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, audiences get to discover that Gerard Butler can be in a crappy film.  Call it bad direction, call it bad acting, call it a bad script, heck, call it all three of those, because in the end, it really doesn’t matter.  His work on this project was as flat as the Nebraska plains.  Meanwhile, those same audiences get to rediscover that Jennifer Aniston is not an actress.  She did great on Friends, but those days are done.  While looking insanely beautiful in The Bounty Hunter, she has little else to offer in front of the camera.  However, if she would like to go out on a date, Jen, you can email me here…although I probably shot my chances with that last comment, eh? 

Butler plays a former cop.  His character name is not important because it makes little difference and the film was so weak I can’t remember it.  Anyway, he did something stupid, lost his job and is now a bounty hunter picking up people who skipped bail.  Aniston, another case of “what’s your name oh wait I don’t care,” plays his ex-wife who just happened to miss a court date and becomes Butler’s next subject to apprehend.  He catches her, there’s sexual tension, a little pistol waving, some guys shoot at each other, there’s a car chase and then the credits roll.  The plot is anemic, the humor is sparse and the acting is feeble.      

I don’t know what the less enjoyable experience was; the film itself or the squinty-eyed woman next to me who could not keep herself from talking throughout this movie.  After finally telling her, “Hey!  I haven’t seen this movie yet!” she eventually calmed her narrative.  God, how I admire Thailand for their caning.  Anyway, back to the world of wasted time, pass on this movie in the theater.  If you want to rent it when the time comes, remember, “I told you so.”  There are, I think, two moments of genuine laughter that The Bounty Hunter managed to pull from me.  Other than that, I was hoping the forecast called for raining pianos when I walked out of the cinema…anything to put me out of my misery.    


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