The Daily Blu…December 22, 2009

I thought it would be a good idea to get us caught up on all the Blu-ray announcements that have transpired this week before we get sucked into the unavoidable Christmas holiday vortex.  Anyone have a problem with that?  I didn’t think so!  Anyway, let’s get started and review all the formal Blu-ray announcements that have been made thus far, yesterday and today.  As usual, we will break it down by movie studios.

The Summit Entertainment horror film Sorority Row, which admittedly never took itself seriously, will make its Blu-ray debut on February 23rd.

Sony will bring the Vince Gilligan TV series Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season to Blu-ray on March 10th.

Warner Brothers will be bringing the Matt Damon infused film The Informant to Blu-ray on February 23rd.

Here’s a film that I am actually eager to catch on the Blu-ray format.  Universal Studios Home Entertainment will bring the Vince Vaughn comedy Couple’s Retreat to a permanent vacation on Blu-ray February 9th.  I tend to like these kind of comedies, so I can’t wait for this one!

It’s a no holds barred fight to the death starring the world’s top mixed martial arts champions as Lionsgate brings Unrivaled to Blu-ray on March 16th.

In movie news, Avatar pulled in $77 million this past weekend in the US, beating the best December opening record formerly held by I Am Legend.  The film also pulled in an additional $159 million worldwide in its opening weekend.  Not too shabby, huh?

Things are getting kind of suspicious in regards to the death of Brittany Murphy.  Coroners are still calling it a natural death, but have you seen the number of prescription drugs found in her home?  Wow! 

That’s it for the news today.  Have a great Christmas holiday! 


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