Has Hannibal Lector Earned ‘The Rite’ to Make this Movie?

Anthony Hopkins looks tired and old in this “Is it psychological, or is it possession?” movie.  The Rite, dealing with demonic possession and exorcism, has a couple of jump moments and some out-of-place funny dialogue (the audience actually laughed at some of the silly statements made),  but basically covers in true PG-13 fashion, the same old familiar ground we’ve seen in many recent possession movie  The fact that this movie was “…inspired by actual events…” doesn’t make it any more real or creepy. Colin O’Donoghue is the newcomer priest wannabe, who is losing his faith, or never had any to begin with, who meets up with Hopkins character, an exorcist who gets results, but many times by unconventional means.  Stay away from this movie, unless you feel it’s your “rite” to see it!


1 Response to “Has Hannibal Lector Earned ‘The Rite’ to Make this Movie?”

  1. Brian White

    Love the mood lighting in this video review!

    Things could have been worse Jim…you could have reviewed You Again (my Blu-ray review posting later today). But I agree…this Rite was a bore!