This Is How To Train Your Dragon!

How To Train Your DragonLet the following statements exist purely to serve as my disclaimer.  I went into the press screening of How to Train Your Dragon this past Saturday morning with zero expectations.  I had never heard of the children’s book before and I knew nothing about the plot other than what my fellow reviewer, Gregg Senko, told me in a car ride conversation that seemingly went in one ear and out the other.  Truthfully, I was probably paying more attention to the road (as I was the driver) than I was to his synopsis.  I somehow even managed to have never even seen a trailer of the film.  All I admit to viewing, prior to this screening, was a few stills I came across coincidentally while web surfing last week.  So go ahead, ask me how my screening went.  I dare you.  Oh wait!  Let me savor the moment a little bit longer.  Let’s talk about the film first, then we’ll get to what matters the most…my opinion.

How To Train Your Dragon 

How to Train Your Dragon stars the voice talents of Jay Baruchel (She’s Out of My League), Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Craig Ferguson and America Ferrera (TV’s Ugly Betty).  The DreamWorks animated film is adapted from a 2003 children’s novel by British author Cressida Cowell.  The movie is set in a fantasy world comprised of all things vikings and dragons.  If you came for dragons, then you won’t go home disappointed.  The story’s main character is a teenage viking named Hiccup (Baruchel).  Fighting dragons is a way of life on the island he inhabits.  His father, Stoick the Vast (Butler), is the island’s leader.  He’s just a wee bit disappointed in the shortcomings of his only son.  For everyone else, dragon killing comes naturally easy, but for Hiccup, nothing ever goes his way.  He just wants to prove himself worthy of being called a viking and he will do anything to earn his father’s respect. 

How To Train Your Dragon

During one fateful battle, Hiccup successfully shoots down a Night Fury, one of the most dangerous dragons alive.  But…there’s always a but right?  The only problem is that no one believes him.  Trust me, it gets worse.  While searching for this particular dragon, Hiccup makes a discovery that will forever change his life.  He found his dragon.  He did it!  But can he kill the dragon?  Can he prove to his father and the rest of the island that he is a viking worthy of all their respect?  Those are hard questions to answer when an injured dragon is emotionally staring you down knowing that he is about to take his last breath and can do nothing about it.  Remember the bond between ET and Elliot back in 1982?  Well it’s back here!  How to Train Your Dragon is the ET of 2010.  It’s the movie that I was too young to fully understand back then.  It’s an emotional roller coaster ride that I never wanted to get off of.  They even had the courage to end it by pushing a boundary I never expected to see get knocked down.  Simply put, it’s my number one film of the year thus far.

How To Train Your Dragon

I have mentally prepared myself all week long to make a bold statement here.  Whether or not this film stays number one on my ‘Top 10 Films of 2010’ remains to be seen, but I can almost guarantee it won’t fall off the list.  That statement alone makes me smile after the dismal 3 months of less than desirable films I have sat through at the theater.  In order to avoid duplication among our reviews here, I totally skipped the philosophical qualities of the film.  I think Gregg Senko hits it out of the ballpark with his review here.  Instead, I will leave you with this one final thought.  Actually, it’s more like advice.  If you have any hesitations at all over seeing this film, abandon them now.  Take your children (I would recommend ages 7 or above because there are some nightmarish elements to the film…this coming from the man who has so much experience in parenting), buy some popcorn and get ready to take the ride of your life and lose yourself in the fantasy realm of How to Train Your Dragon.  You will be so happy you did.  And oh yeah…take some Kleenex for the wife/girlfriend.  I spotted many the patrons, young and old, with tears of joy hanging around in the corner of their eyes behind those dark 3D glasses.  Are you still reading?  It’s Friday!  What are you waiting for?  Go see it!

Final grade: A++, 6 out of 5 or 110% …You get the idea!

Eventual Blu-ray purchase?:  Hell yeah!

How to Train Your Dragon opens nationwide in 2D, 3D and 3D IMAX on Friday, March 26th 


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7 Responses to “This Is How To Train Your Dragon!”

  1. Nick

    Guess, I’ll have to suffer through this movie ; ) as my girls loved the trailer. Thanks for the review!

  2. blu jay

    well, good on it, but for me it can’t beat ‘The Wizard of Oz’… btw dragons traditionally represent power & good to trillions of people in East Asia, just to give contrast to the European tradition that dragons are to be slain. all that said, i love a good kids’ picture. there are so many sappy ones.

  3. Gerard Iribe

    Wow, I missed out on the private screening in my area.

    I may blind buy this when it hits theaters.

  4. blu jay

    Great and good, but it can’t beat The Wizard of Oz. Still, am very glad it’s a lot better than the usual sappy rubbish and destruction derbies they serve up as kids’ entertainment. Violent, senseless video games have had a numbing, not positive, influence on content of overall entertainment for kids, including movies, i think. Am glad when better films, books, tv shows and video games are put out there for us to see and think about.

  5. Gerard Iribe

    Oops, I meant to say I may blind buy this when it hits BLU-RAY.

    There we go.


  6. Brian White

    Ha ha. No problem. I knew what you meant 🙂 This will be an amazing Blu-ray to own!

  7. Gerard Iribe

    You know, it reminds me of that French animated fantasy adventure that had Forrest Whitaker doing one of the main voices. I have the blu ray, but the name escapes me. That thing was reference all the way around. It came out on BD several months ago.