Time to get ‘Smashed’ on Blu-ray March 12!

SMASHED, the powerful and gripping drama starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and two-time Emmy Award®-winner Aaron Paul (TV’s “Breaking Bad,” Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, 2012; 2010), arrives on Blu-rayand DVD March 12th from Sony Pictures Classics and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The star-studded supporting cast includes Nick Offerman (TV’s Parks & Recreation”), Emmy winner Megan Mullally (TV’s “Will & Grace,” Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, 1998 and TV’s “Parks and Recreation”), Emmy winner Mary Kay Place (TV’s “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actress, Comedy Series, 1977) and Academy Award®-winner Octavia Spencer (The Help, Best Supporting Actress, 2012).


Smashed joins the ranks of the winners! Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul are dynamite!”

 –  Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Special Jury Prize Winner at 2012 Sundance Film Festival



Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Two-Time Emmy Award® winner Aaron Paul Nick Offerman, Emmy Winner Megan Mullally, Emmy Winner Mary Kay Place and Academy Award® Winner Octavia Spencer 

Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD March 12th
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, SMASHED is an intensely moving story about love, fidelity and what it means to love someone and be committed to them, while recognizing the need to change your life…and the heartbreaking discovery that your partner won’t be changing with you.
Special features on the Blu-ray and DVD include commentary with director James Ponsoldt and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, deleted scenes and two featurettes:  “Making Smashed” gives viewers a true behind-the-scenes look at creating the film with the cast and crew, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Octavia Spencer walk the red carpet and answer fan questions in the “Toronto Film Festival Red Carpet and Q&A.” SMASHED was directed and co-written by James Ponsoldt with Susan Burke, and produced by Jonathan Schwartz, President and Founder of Super Crispy Entertainment.


Kate and Charlie are a young married couple whose bond is built on a mutual love of music, laughter and alcohol…especially the latter. When Kateʼs drinking leads her to dangerous places and her job as a school teacher is put in jeopardy, she decides to join AA and get sober. With the help of her friend and sponsor Jenny, and the vice principal at her school, the awkward, but well-intentioned Mr. Davies, Kate takes steps toward improving her health and life. Sobriety isnʼt as easy as Kate had anticipated. Her new lifestyle forces her to confront a troubling relationship with her mother, as well as the necessity of facing the lies sheʼs told her employer. She also must question whether or not her relationship with Charlie is built on love or is just a boozy diversion from adulthood.
Blu-ray & DVD Special Features include:
·         Commentary with Director James Ponsoldt & Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead
·         Deleted Scenes
·         Two Featurettes:
o   Making Smashed
o   Toronto Film Festival Red Carpet and Q&A
SMASHED has a run time of approximately 91 minutes and is rated R for alcohol abuse, language, some sexual content and brief drug use.
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