The “Top 10” Greatest Horror Movie Weapons

“Since the dawn of the horror genre, filmmakers have consistently come up with inventive ways to chop up an endless string of damsels in distress.  They could’ve just left these film deaths to the imagination, but where’s the fun in that?  From knives to piano wire, these weapons are some of the bloodiest.”  I thought the following article, sent by us from our friends over at SPIKE TV, is the perfect way for us to kick off and celebrate my favorite upcoming holiday of the year, Halloween!  So sit back, relax and learn about all the tools of the trade.  Enjoy this one!


10. Lawnmower

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Ahhh, the lawnmower. The classic contraption that uses a revolving blade to chop up everything in its path made it on this list based solely on its use in Dead Alive/Brain Dead. Not only does it do the job to a tee, the end scene in the film might just be the goriest of all time. There aren’t too many classic horror movie moments that feature this grass-grooming tool taking fools down in dramatic fashion, but leave it to Peter Jackson to create the goriest scene of all time with such a simple suburban tool.


9. A Stake

Source: American Zoetrope

This isn’t just a list for villain’s weapons. It’s nice to know that the good guys get to cause some havoc too. We all know that most horror movies showcase the killing power of a seemingly unstoppable force, but as most vampire movies have displayed, heroes can cause some carnage as well. Horror badasses like Freddy and Jason have been killed all sorts of crazy different ways, but to kill a vampire, you gotta play by the book.

A crucifix and some holy water will keep them at a distance for a bit, but to really do the job right, you need the classic of all classics. Staking vampires has been going on since the 18th century, y’all. People in western Europe used to literally stake corpses because of vampire superstitions and motion pictures eventually helped take this classic vampire-killing technique with a pointed piece of wood to a whole new level. Anthony Hopkins’ stake work in Bram Stoker’s Dracula is always a nice one to revisit.


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  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    I was ready to provide plenty of counters, but as I kept reading, it all made sense and fell in line with most of my choices.

  2. Sean Ferguson

    I’m going with Ash and his chainsaw and shotgun from Army of Darkness. Shop smart…shop S-Mart!