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Why So Blu is committed to taking you where no other Blu-ray review website has ever gone before.  We’re taking you MOBILE!  That’s right!  Fellow iOS developer Alexander Magdics (MacEnvy) and myself have recently combined forces to produce the world’s first Blu-ray disc review mobile app where you can read all about the latest in Blu-ray, movies, comics, gaming and more on the go, wherever you go.  Now…using the ever-popular Apple iPhone or iPod Touch line of devices, our readers can stay in the know, on–the-go!  Check out the rest of the press release below!

WhySoBlu.com is your one-stop destination and final word for the latest in Blu-ray news, announcements and reviews. The site’s staff of expert editors and reviewers cover the world of Blu-ray with unbridled enthusiasm, passion and attention to every little detail. In addition to Blu- ray, Why So Blu also features the latest reviews for theatrical movie releases, DVDs, comics, games and music, as well as interviews, prize/giveaway contests and much more. And now, available for the first time ever in the Apple App Store, the Why So Blu iOS app delivers the same experience you have come to know and love from WhySoBlu.com and delivers it straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch. That’s instant gratification whenever you need it!


★ Intuitive and clear “sliding” user interface!

★ A non-stop, daily stream of all the latest news on WhySoBlu.com with pull-to-refresh updates.

★ Share news and stories via built-in Twitter and E-mail selectable menus.

★ Integrated mini web browser for viewing web content and posts without leaving the app.

★ Explore the site using category specific menus (Comics, Events, Gaming, Interviews, etc…).

★ Get to know the staff of Why So Blu? complete with pictures and bios.

★ A Universal iPad app edition is COMING SOON!


CLICK HERE or on the image below to download the FREE app now!





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  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    I’d be silly not to download this! Looking forward to the iPad version as well!