Why So Blu? Podcast Episode 2

PodcastA few of the contributors here at Why So Blu? have put together a Podcast. Here is a link to the second episode. In it we discuss the new Ghostbusters trailer, give some thoughts about the upcoming film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, pontificate on the merits of some recently released blu-rays, expound upon the upcoming release of the blu-ray for Roots, examine some new comic book releases, and confabulate about Joseph Gordon-Levitt exiting the Sandman adaptation.

Some Notes

iTunes version of the podcast is in the works. News on that soon.

Links mentioned:

The Graduate (Criterion Collection Review) by Jerad Mullicane

The Kid (Criterion Collection Review) by Bron Anderson

Out Now Podcast with Aaron and Abe

The Casters

Bron Anderson

Shohan Cagle

Jordan Grout

Erica Lawrence

Wes Middleton

Jerad Mullicane


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