Why So Blu at 10 Years and Counting

Over a decade ago, Why So Blu founder Brian White brought to my attention a website based out of Winnipeg that did reviews of recently released Blu-rays. When he asked the lone admin of that site how he accumulates the material to write about, Brian was rather surprised to learn that the film studios send them out. “Do you send them back when you’re done?” The answer was a simple ‘no’. As the gears started turning in Brian’s head, his love for movies started dating a knack for writing and it wasn’t long after that the two got married.

Subsequently, Brian and I ended up writing for that site, giving us a voice in a genre of entertainment we both truly appreciate.  My first review, coincidentally, happened to be of my all-time favorite film, Casino.  Brian’s, I’m not sure, but our time there was brief.  He wanted his own media launchpad and it wasn’t long after he began work on what you see here today.  We just needed a name.

Blu…something blu.  Dive Into the Blu.  Blu By You.  Feeling Blu.  Red, White and Blu.  You name it, we thought of it.  When Brian asked me to be a part of his fledgling website that would review Blu-rays, I was honored, but this wasn’t a time to get all gushy.  We went to the well of creativity to draw upon its waters and give this place an identity.  The site needed that catchy title incorporating the aspect of Blu-rays into it.  After all, that’s what the site was founded on and that was the driving force behind its content.  Truth be told, that’s still the case to this day.  To capture the essence of said material as well as the potential for longevity, Brian came up with Why So Blu?  

Did I love it?  Honestly, I can’t remember.  It sure beat the hell out of those other titles we kicked around, but we had our name and it was time to start posting some commentary.  Since those early days, WhySoBlu.com has been the home to thousands of articles, expanding its range from Blu-ray reviews to films at the cinema, music, video games, and comic books.  It has afforded us the ability to put our thoughts and views on this digital newspaper of sorts, allowing us to deliver editorials, entertainment news and even provide the occasional contest to people around the world.

As an aside, I wanted to reach out to two writers in particular who have been with Why So Blu since its early years, Aaron Neuwirth and Gerard Iribe.  I had this high and mighty opinion that I would likely be the best writer on the site.  Ha!  First off, it’s not a competition.  Secondly, when those two guys were brought on and I read the articulation of their work as well as Brian’s, I soon realized that if it were a competition, I would not have won.  I kind of relate it to being a teammate of Lebron James.  When you play with the best, it will only make you better.  Well, I got a little better.

So, in closing, here we are.  A decade later and Why So Blu is as strong as it’s ever been, not to mention we outlasted that site Brian and I originally wrote for over ten years ago.  In that time, WhySoBlu.com has gone from two writers, to four, to…well, I don’t know what we’re these days because the number has only gone up and I stopped keeping track.  The site has been fortunate enough to cover multiple San Diego Comic Cons, award ceremonies, concerts, red carpet interviews and backstage events.  It has attracted the attention of entertainers such as actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Bruce Campbell and writer Mark Millar.  More importantly, however, it has brought to us you, the readers, who share the same love for film, music, gaming and comics that we do.  Thank you for ten years of support and thank you Brian for creating something that is far more than a website to me.  It’s a virtual gathering, a therapeutic release and a source of pride.  Here’s to the next ten years.


2 Responses to “Why So Blu at 10 Years and Counting”

  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    Good piece Gregg and thanks for the shout out!

  2. Gregg Senko

    You bet, Aaron.