Yes: Symphonic Live (Blu-ray Review)

The thing about the hypnotic band Yes is that it is a love-it or hate-it type of band. I wouldn’t classify myself as a hater per say, but I’m not at all a fan of their style of music. I find the whole “hippie” style of music quite irritating and way oversold to an extent that it becomes even unbearable (especially at its insane running time of 194 minutes). However, I did enjoy a couple of their songs and the Blu-ray features great video and audio, but again, with all of these Eagle Rock Blu-rays, it lacks in the special features department. 





Band members Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, and Alan White are Yes, who fulfilled a dream by performing a nearly three hour show in Amsterdam that took place in 2001. Joining the band on stage was the European Festival Orchestra which was conducted by Wilhelm Keitel.

As I previously mentioned, Yes is not my type of band. I am in NO way a fan of them, nor am I interested in them. Having said that, they do have a nice tone to them, and are very tolerable (at times), but are brought down by many reasons, including the Blu-ray’s overlong running time (at a whopping 194 minutes), as well as the repetitiveness of the entire film.

The film itself is presented unlike any other Eagle Rock Blu-ray. Between certain songs, there are BEAUTIFUL shots of animated deserts, grasslands, etc. that all look great and really add to the style of the band itself. Again, the repetitiveness of the film brings it down, hence my grade.


1. Overture
2. Close To The Edge
3. Long Distance Runaround
4. Don’t Go
5. In The Presence Of
6. Gates of Delirium
7. Steve Howe Guitar Solo
-Lute Concerto In D Major, 2nd Movement
-Mood For A Day
8. Starship Trooper
9. Magnification
10. And You And I
11. Ritual
12. I’ve Seen All Good People
13. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  1. Roundabout


Like the usual Eagle Rock Blu-ray’s, Yes Symphonic Live is presented in 1080i, (1.78:1), and looks very good for what it represents. There are clear shots all around, and yes, the sweat on the entire band’s face (which may not be such a great thing… too much detail sickens the audience sometimes). Toning is well-used, and the animation shots look clear as day. A win in the video department.


Not only does this look great, it sounds great too. Yes Symphonic Live is presented in DTS-HD MA 5.1. Man, does it impress the hell out of me! It’s always nice pumping my speakers up to full volume and experiencing a REAL concert experience. Even though it scared the heck out of my dog, it impressed the life out of me! A win in the audio department.

Special Features

Not surprising, considering the last three concert Blu-ray’s I’ve reviewed haven’t been awarded over 2 stars.

Dreamtime – It’s an uninteresting documentary. What can I say, not my cup of tea.

Don’t Go – Video of their popular song “Don’t Go.” Pass.

Final Thoughts

For a concert movie, you can do a lot worse. I wouldn’t call this entertaining particularly, but for die hard fans of the band, you should definitely check out Yes Symphonic Live. Just not my cup of tea.



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