Yoda Ignites Green in Solo Series

There’s the old saying that every dog has his day, such is the case with short, green Jedi Masters. Marvel recently released issue #1 of Yoda in part one of the story arc, Light and Life: The Coming of the Jedi. No stranger to Star Wars, Cavan Scott, can be found authoring the series with Nico Leon responsible for the artwork. While it’s not necessarily considered an oversized issue, the premier certainly has more content than your typical comic book. That’s all fine and dandy, but how is the story?

Regarding the aforementioned Cavan Scott, he has penned several tales including two novels from 2021 in the new High Republic series and is a major player in bringing the Dooku: Jedi Lost audio drama to fruition. His latest adventure in a galaxy far, far away features Yoda in his own self-titled series.

Taking place before the Clone Wars, Yoda offers his services to an oppressed peoples on a distant planet who get repeatedly pummeled by a local warlord. If you’re looking for a quick read with a fair amount of action, this debut issue is for you. If you’re looking for something a little deeper and more thought-provoking, maybe head on over to something else.

For what it is, you’ll find it an entertaining read. If it’s enough to get you coming back for issue #2, that’s a coin flip. It’s Yoda versus a rag-tag gang so we already know how that’s going to end. It will be Yoda’s developing relationship with the locals that will determine if this story gets more meat on its bones.

Issue #2 arrives December 28th.

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