‘ZOOKEEPER’ is Kevin James + Talking Animals + Famous Voices + Family Rating = DUD!

Let me start out by saying that I am a secret fan of Kevin James.  I liked him in King of Queens on TV, in his movie roles such as Hitch, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Grown-ups, The Dilemma and so on.  I’m not saying these titles are fantastic, but I didn’t feel like my skin was being peeled off either.  I don’t mean to say James is a master thespian by any means,  just a regular guy, an anti-Hollywood type, if you get my meaning.  He’s not the first person you think of for leading man roles, etc…, but I like him anyways.  Maybe it’s because I can relate to him in his appearance (some say we look like brothers! – ha!), or his character’s shyness covered by his loud comedic joking, or just that he’s everyman… whatever… but in the movie ZOOKEEPER even I am having a hard time with Mr. James.  Let me explain…

This movie is rated PG, which is fine for family fare, and is distributed by Columbia/Tri-Star.  It’s about 95 minutes long, which ended up being about 90 minutes too long for me.  Yep, this Kevin James fan lost 90 minutes of his life which will never come back.

The basic premise of ZOOKEEPER is that Kevin James is a zookeeper in a Massachusetts zoo, and apparently loves his job.  He’s also a hopeless romantic, who gets dumped on the very day he asks for his favorite girl’s hand in marriage.  Rosario Dawson plays James’ co-worker, and there is obvious playfulness and admiration between them.  SPOILER ALERT!!  Uh, love is obviously right under his nose, and he’s too blind to see it.  Anyway,  Griffin (James’ character) comes to find out that all the zoo animals can and do talk, just like humans!  Huh?  What?  How?  Why?  Apparently these questions are unimportant, as they are never addressed.  We, like Griffin, are just supposed to go along with it.

The animals find out about Griffin’s plight, and because they really like him, they decide to help him along in the ways of love, as only the animal kingdom can.  There are a FEW funny moments and scenes that you and the kids may chuckle over, but this movie is not 90 minutes of solid fun by any means.  I mean, Adam Sandler, Nick Nolte, Sly Stallone, Cher, Don Rickles, and many others provide the voices  for the animals, but what a waste of talent.

Kevin James had a hand in the writing and producing of this movie, as did Adam Sandler, but again, talents wasted this time around.  There’s nothing really offensive or harmful here, just wasteful and innocuous.

Take the kids to a real zoo, and enjoy the real animal kingdom.



8 Responses to “‘ZOOKEEPER’ is Kevin James + Talking Animals + Famous Voices + Family Rating = DUD!”

  1. Matt Goodman

    I did not like him in any of his films except for Hitch. I would have more respect for despite the fact that all he offers are “fat jokes.”

  2. Mike McIver

    I completely disagree. I am guessing no one rating this movie has kids. I took the family to see this movie and we were in stitched. I know people have to take themselves out of reality and give in to the fact animals are talking but the movie is not about reality. It’s designed to be a fun family movie that let’s your imagination have fun. The same could be said for the other movies listed. I thought the movie was very good and the family and I had a great time.

  3. Don Steil

    I took my 6 year old grand daughter and we both enjoyed it. The gorilla at TGIF’s was great! I think the movie is a good movie for the whole family and we enjoy Kevin James and he always make us laugh. I would recommend for people with kids or any Kevin James fan.

  4. tara

    I agree with Mike – it was far funnier than I expected – and my children LOVED it. I am sure Kevin James is not expecting an Oscar nod and as for fat jokes – there was NOT one in it!

  5. cherie

    was awesome!!

  6. Jay Rho

    Definitely a family movie and a pleasant time away from the sex and violence more and more movies seem to portray. Although our viewing was a third choice, Zookeeper exceeded our expectations . . a job well done.

  7. Judy

    Come on guys, its not an epic movie, just a fun loving family movie that as a family we got a kick out of it. You must know going in that its a kid friendly movie, give Kevin a break, he’s good at these types of movies.

  8. Jiminy Critic

    Thank you for all the responses… Just goes to show how hungry the families out there are for clean, easygoing, family movies… I agree! Love Kevin James in general, just didn’t love this particular flick… Thanks for all the great responses, and keep Hollywood on their toes… There is NOT ENOUGH family rated entertainment choices out there…