Steve Coogan Stars As ‘Alan Partridge’ On Blu-ray This June

alan partridgeAs a big Steve Coogan fan, I was happy to see him return to playing a character that brought him a lot of early fame.  I was actually able to see this movie last year, as I was oversees, where the Alan Partridge character is much more popular.  I was pleased to see the film receive a small theatrical/VOD release earlier this year, as there is a lot to like about it, with Coogan playing this radio DJ character who gets caught up in a crazy hostage situation.  On June 10th, everyone will be able to see the film for themselves and find out what comedic joy they’ve been missing.  Continue on to read more about this upcoming Blu-ray release.






Co-Starring Colm Meaney, Newest Adventures Of Norfolk’s Most Notorious Broadcaster Arrives June 10 On Blu-ray™ and DVD
From Magnolia Home Entertainment



Steve Coogan reprises his most popular role, as the iconic Alan Partridge, the famous local radio DJ and one time talk show host. Alan finds himself at the center of a siege, when a disgruntled fellow DJ (Colm Meaney) decides to hold their station hostage after learning that he’s getting sacked by the new management.


Bonus Features

  • Behind the Scenes
  • AXS TV: A Look at Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge Arrives On Blu-ray June 10th. Pre-Order Your Copy Here:

alan partridge


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