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What We Left Behind – Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Blu-ray Review)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, caught in between the mega popular Star Trek: The Next Generation and the more traditionally plotted Star Trek: Voyager, was typically overlooked during its time on the air or unappreciated. However, it was a show that was a gamechanger for the television landscape and today’s highly normal serialized storytelling. With […]


Alan Partridge (Blu-ray Review)

I have made it clear in other reviews that I am a big fan of Steve Coogan.  Between his great comedic work in England and America, his performances in Michael Winterbottom features such as 24 Hour Party People and The Trip, and his move to more dramatic work in films like Philomena, I think he […]


Steve Coogan Stars As ‘Alan Partridge’ On Blu-ray This June

As a big Steve Coogan fan, I was happy to see him return to playing a character that brought him a lot of early fame.  I was actually able to see this movie last year, as I was oversees, where the Alan Partridge character is much more popular.  I was pleased to see the film […]


Hell on Wheels: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray Review)

Hell on Wheels tells the epic story of post-Civil War America, focusing on a soldier who sets out to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who have killed his wife.  His journey takes him west to Hell on Wheels, a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot of a town that travels with and services the construction of […]