Classics Comedies Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries On Blu-ray May 6th!

Bernie's THUMBThree classic 80s comedies are finally strutting their way to Blu-ray at the beginning of May.  And they all wouldn’t be complete without horribly photoshopped and updated covers!  With the Norma Rae one last week and now these three, Fox looks to be making an art of terrible catalog title covers.  JUST USE THE FREAKIN’ THEATRICAL POSTER (supplied at the very bottom)!  How hard is that?  This idea of looking hip to youngsters or trying to trick them into thinking their getting a modern film is tired.  They’re not that stupid.  They’re gonna know its an older movie.  If they aren’t interested, they aren’t interested.  Anywho!  Everyone’s favorite film of all time Weekend At Bernie’s along with Bachelor Party and Revenge Of The Nerds are coming to Blu-ray.  With good sales, this may mean that one of the greatest sequels of all time, Weekend At Bernie’s II is on the horizon.  Or how about Mannequin?  Below are the run down of the official specs, the plot summaries.

Revenge of the Nerds MED

Revenge Of The Nerds

In this hilarious satire on college life, a group of misfits led by Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards decides to start their own fraternity after being rejected by every house on campus. Chaos results, with a brains vs. brawn battle, as the football team jocks try to run the nerds off campus. But as the nerds carefully engineer their revenge, it begins to appear as if their day is at hand.

Special Features

Commentary by Jeff Kanew, Robert Carradine, Timothy Busfield and Curtis Armstrong
“I’m a Nerd, and I’m Pretty Proud of It” Featurette
Deleted Scenes
“Revenge of the Nerds” Television Pilot
Theatrical Trailer

Bachelor Party MED

Bachelor Party

This outrageously funny look at one man’s final moments of bachelorhood stars Tom Hanks as Rick, reluctant recipient of a bachelor bash given by a group of friends who view partying as their full-time religion. Rick’s worried fiancée, Debbie (Tawny Kitaen), dresses up in disguise and crashes the party to spy on her future husband. To complicate the night further, Debbie’s father hires her ex-boyfriend to win back his daughter. It turns out to be an evening the soon-to-be bride and groom will never forget.

Special Features

“An American Tradition” featurette
“While The Men Play” featurette
Tom Hanks Interviews
Theatrical Trailer

Weekend at Bernie's MED

Weekend At Bernie’s

Hilarious performances by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman make this comedy a “good old, knockdown slapstick” (The Hollywood Reporter)! It sounded like a great weekend away at their boss Bernie’s beachside pleasure palace. But when working stiffs Richard and Larry (McCarthy and Silverman) arrive to find a real stiff — their murdered boss — they’re forced to concoct a crazy scheme to avoid being implicated and/or dead themselves! With Bernie propped up and his death effectively covered up, Richard and Larry’s weekend escape becomes exactly that, as they dodge curious babes, a curtain of bullets and one confused hit man!

Revenge of the Nerds POSTER

Bachelor Party POSTER

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