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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Bachelor Party”

Keeping in tune with the current 80’s theme, but adding a little humor to the mix (I think we all need it today!) it felt like time to celebrate cinema with a little raunchy in the reels – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  For today’s selection we’re getting rid of political correctness, throwing caution to […]


Bachelor Party (Blu-ray Review)

Every now and then you get a batch of older, similarly-themed films released on Blu-ray and Fox has recently delivered Weekend At Bernie’s (Reviewed HERE), Revenge of the Nerds (Reviewed HERE), and Bachelor Party, which I am reviewing now. This is the not-so-classic 80s party film, starring Tom Hanks mere months after finding success with […]


Classics Comedies Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries On Blu-ray May 6th!

Three classic 80s comedies are finally strutting their way to Blu-ray at the beginning of May.  And they all wouldn’t be complete without horribly photoshopped and updated covers!  With the Norma Rae one last week and now these three, Fox looks to be making an art of terrible catalog title covers.  JUST USE THE FREAKIN’ […]


A Slew Of Clips From Next Tuesday’s WITCHBOARD & NIGHT OF THE DEMONS Releases From Scream Factory!

Next Tuesday, Scream Factory hits one out of the park with its releases of Kevin Tenney’s 80s horror classics Witchboard and Night Of The Demons.  I’ve already reviewed Witchboard (HERE) and you’ll be able to read my Night Of The Demons review very soon.  To tide you over until then and until next Tuesday, Scream […]


Witchboard (Blu-ray Review)

When I was growing up, Ouija boards were a terrifying thing.  It wasn’t like today.  More and more people believed in just not messing with them as they were tools of witchcraft and made people uneasy just seeing them.  Originally titled “Ouija”, Witchboard was the horror film that came along and played on all of […]



Hopefully this isn’t lost among the HUGE announcement from Scream Factory today that they are going to do a Blu-ray collector’s edition of SLEEPAWAY CAMP!  There’s 2 really awesome titles coming the first week of February, just a day before my son’s birthday.  Both come from director Kevin S. Tenney, nonetheless.  The first is the […]