Cliches Abound in When in Rome

When In RomeGrab a seat in your favorite chair, kick back, relax and check out Quick Movie Reviews’ Chris Stuckmann and his video review treatment of the Kristen Bell/Josh Duhamel comedy vehicle When In Rome.  With two bright young stars showcased in a comedic formula like this how can the movie  possibly be bad?  The romantic comedy also features performances by William Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard and Danny DeVito.  The film opened nationwide this past Friday, January 29th.  And now…without further ado…YouTube movie critic Chris Stuckmann…




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5 Responses to “Cliches Abound in When in Rome”

  1. Jasper

    Thanks so much for the comedic insight on the movie. I almost got fooled by the trailer but now that I have seen ur review I know to stay far away! That’s too bad!

  2. Chris Stuckmann

    No problem! Thanks for watching!

  3. Brian White

    Chris definitely saved me some cash on this flick 🙂 Being the big Josh Duhamel fan that I am I can’t help feeling disappointed that this one is not worthy of my time. Oh well…that’s two hours of my life I get to keep now!

  4. The Cheez Man

    That sucks! Just goes to show you…don’t let the pretty lady on the cover fool you!

  5. Chris Stuckmann

    Indeed, everyone save you’re well earned money!