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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Six New Indie Titles

Some wild and fancy free flicks out this week as far as indie film outings go – a diverse trip indeed.  Movies about the chaotic world of schizophrenia, a candid doc on a singing superstar, a second horror helping about the dangers of extreme haunts, a comedy about being yourself, a tale of switching genders […]


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Five New Indie Titles

So many indies, so little time!  I’m opting out of the crowded Sausage Party this week to attend a smaller, more intimate gathering featuring some new film friends.  My fellow WhySoBlu cohort Aaron Neuwirth already covered all things Anthropoid (via my favorite Cashback director Sean Ellis!), so I’m adding a little determined dad, paranormal ghost hunting […]


Napoleon Dynamite – 10th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Review)

It’s really been ten years since Napoleon Dynamite came out and we all had a Jamiroquai song stuck in our heads?  Ten years since people were quoting and accenting Jon Heder as Napoleon like kids in the 90s were “Yeah, Baby” and quoting Mike Myers’ Austin Powers character?  Dang, ten years ago I was in […]


Cliches Abound in When in Rome

Grab a seat in your favorite chair, kick back, relax and check out Quick Movie Reviews’ Chris Stuckmann and his video review treatment of the Kristen Bell/Josh Duhamel comedy vehicle When In Rome.  With two bright young stars showcased in a comedic formula like this how can the movie  possibly be bad?  The romantic comedy […]