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The Rhythm Section (Blu-ray Review)

I’ve  been digging what Blake Lively has been serving up for the most part the last few years. Highlights of such efforts include The Shallows and I absolutely LOVE A Simple Favor. I can’t say I know what she’s offered on a regular basis in terms of parts, but she seems to be carving a […]


Batman Begins (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Christopher Nolan released his tenth directed feature film in 2017, the escape/evacuation World War II thriller chronicling the events of Dunkirk. Being well regarded as one of the best directors of the the twenty first century; one of the rare breed who manages to consistently please the general audience and critical one alike. Breaking out […]


31 (Blu-ray Review)

Ever the polarizing filmmaker, one can’t deny that Rob Zombie has a distinct vision and very blunt voice in the world of cinema.  Despite whatever misgivings, like him or not, its hard to take not of his talent.  Coming from similar influences and styles, he’s almost the horror genre’s version of Quentin Tarantino.  After dabbling […]