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‘Bliss’ [Eureka! Masters of Cinema] on Blu-ray February 10, 2020!

Struggling through a seemingly endless creative rut, hard-partying and Los-Angeles-based artist Dezzy Donahue (Dora Madison, Friday Night Lights) can’t stop the resulting bad streak of problems, including unpaid rent and professional stagnation. In an effort to combat her tough luck, Dezzy throws caution to the wind, indulges in heavy drugs and rages her nights away. […]


The Battery (Blu-ray Review)

Last year, horror was abuzz with a word of this new zombie film called The Battery.  It was a super low budget indie film ($6,000), but I didn’t really know much about it.  All I had seen was a picture and a really cool poster (that is the flip side of the cover art on […]