Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Five New Indie Titles

Encapsulated Movie ReviewsSo many indies, so little time!  I’m opting out of the crowded Sausage Party this week to attend a smaller, more intimate gathering featuring some new film friends.  My fellow WhySoBlu cohort Aaron Neuwirth already covered all things Anthropoid (via my favorite Cashback director Sean Ellis!), so I’m adding a little determined dad, paranormal ghost hunting and fashion dangers (amongst other things!) to the mix for maximum movie mayhem.  Check out the Encapsulated Movie Reviews of the new feature films Blood Father, Abortion: Stories Women Tell, Ghost Team, The Model and the short Nanoblood below!


(Lionsgate Premiere)

Back in fine form with a flick that proves he could have easily taken on the Road Warrior duties of Mad Max: Fury Road, Mel Gibson provides a tour-de-force turn (and not in a fake Shawn Edwards quote kinda way!) that seriously elevates the familiar feeling Blood Father.  As a worn and beaten down-and-out dad hanging onto life by a thread and searching for salvation, Gibson brings just the right amount of sullen desperation and charismatic chaos to a role that reminds us why he was such a memorable performer in the first place.  Plus with the inclusion of very solid work by Erin Moriarty as his distraught daughter, quirky character bits by Michael Parks and William H. Macy and a script that has not only amazing gritty action and decent drama, but dares to deliver humor to boot,  Blood Father is like a masterful meal – tasty, savory and ever so satisfying.


(HBO Documentary Films)

An important topic no matter which side one falls, the best thing about this dramatic doc is the fact that it’s told from the perspective of those whose opinion matters most – women.  From ladies who have the hard choice of not only deciding to have the procedure done, but then having to face the barrage of hateful protestors on the way in to an interesting pro-life speaker who tackles the issues from her own experience after having had three abortions, all the females featured here are fascinating. Plus it’s notable that not only are both sides of the issue given voice here, but are presented so the viewer is left to make their own judgments.  But much like life nothing is ever just black or white – Abortion: Stories Women Tell enlightens by enlisting a myriad of important conversational colors.

Ghost Team

(The Orchard)

While not a total comedic dud, Ghost Team walks the fine line of being amusing while never reaching its full funny potential. With a premise and execution that lies somewhere between a Mumblecore movie and an episode of Scooby-Doo, the thing that ultimately saves Ghost Team from bargain bin badness is the colorful cast.  Jon Heder as the team’s apprehensive leader, David Krumholtz as the group sad sack, Justin Long as a wannabe tough guy and especially Amy Sedaris as the questionable psychic all provide laugh-out-loud moments that thankfully eclipse the uninspired story.  So while this predictable picture may not have the power to possess, there’s enough sporadic satire and spooky film fun to still warrant an investigation.


(Brainstorm Media)

Having witnessed two recent film stabs at the modeling industry with varied results the subject has become a tad overdone.  So its right in between the terribly caustic Chemical Cut and superior style driven The Neon Demon is where the ho-hum Danish film The Model lies.  With a few memorable moments but not enough originality to step up and be noticed, Director Mads Matthiesen’s film is fairly unsure what it wants to be.  A cautionary tale about big city life and the corruption within?  A haunting portrayal of what one will do for fame and success?  Or perhaps a scathing expose of societies blindness when it comes to beauty?  In any event none of the above lives up to its full potential and sadly as a result The Model is merely mediocre.


(Short Film)

The only bad news about the thrilling sci-fi gender bending new notable Nanoblood is the fact that it feels like merely a beginning of a story.  Good news is it’s one that most should want to see continued dealing with a new strain of microscopic robots used to replace blood cells known as Nanobots and how it affects a young couple and their odd new male roomie.  I don’t want to spoil any surprises but female filmmaker Lindsey Haun mixes equal parts David Lynch and David Cronenberg for a story that shocks and stimulates.  (Lead actress Amanda Fuller is the epitome of strong and sexy!)  Consider me a robot vampire hungry for Nanoblood – more please.

(Nanoblood will be screening at the Hollyshorts Film Festival on Friday, August 12 at 5pm at the TLC Chinese Theaters in LA – go to www.hollyshorts.com for more info!)


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  1. Brian White

    This is a good batch of movies that all have my attention here. I really want to see Blood Father!