Counting Down the Days to ‘Lord of the Rings’…

The Lord of the Rings: Original Motion Picture TrilogyIt’s hard to believe but we are one month away from what will be the biggest Blu-ray release of all-time… The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Theatrical Editions)  on Blu-ray.  The Warner Bros./New Line release will hit retail shelves nationwide on April 6th.  I suggest pre-ordering now to avoid any shortages at the brick and mortars.  Until then I thought it was only fitting to highlight some of the set’s extra features below and share a special sneak peak trailer I found online of the April 6th Blu-ray set.

But before we get to the extras let’s talk about the vitals.  The presentations will be framed in a 2.39:1 aspect ratio and will of course feature 1080p video.  The exact video codec is not known at the moment.  Just announced yesterday… the Blu-ray discs will feature a DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 surround track.  That pleases the hardcore audiophiles who originally complained that the previously mentioned 5.1 tracks did not match the cosmetics of the previous DVD releases.

And last but not least the confirmed extras thus far include the following:

  • LOTR.net featurettes
  • Previews, theatrical trailers and TV spots
  • Documentaries:
    • Fellowship of the Ring:
      • “Welcome to Middle Earth” (17 min.)
      • “Quest for the Ring” (21 min.)
      • “A Passage to Middle Earth” (42 min.)
    • The Two Towers:
      • “In the Set” (Starz/ Encore) (14 min.)
      • “Return to Middle Earth” (WB) (45 min.)
    • The Return of the King:
      • “The Quest Fulfilled: A Director’s Vision” (23 min.)
      • “A Filmmaker’s Journey: Making Of” (28 min.)
      • National Geographic special (46 min.)

    Click here to view the official Blu-ray trailer. 


    Pre-order your Blu-ray set today!



    Pre-order Lord of the Rings today!




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    2 Responses to “Counting Down the Days to ‘Lord of the Rings’…”

    1. Gregg

      Any word if the extras are in high def? I have this suspicion they won’t be 🙁

    2. Brian White

      Right on bro. I was thinking the SAME EXACT thing when I was writing this post last night. My gut feeling is no because I truly believe they would have touted the extras as HD don’t you?