Death Race 2 Speeds Onto Blu-ray Jan. 18th!

The sequel to the last remake of Death Race will arrive this January!  If you enjoy hardcore vehicular mayhem you will enjoy this series.  While none of the stars of the last movie will appear in this one, it does boast some notable names such as Sean Bean, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhams, and Luke Goss.  The last one was a lot better than I thought it would be and it was a fun way to see weaponized cars destroy everything in their path. The stunt driving in these films is impressive and I also liked that they tried to do as many practical effects as possible without doing it all in CGI.  I’m looking forward to seeing this especially with Sean Bean in a starring role.  Here is the official press release of what all you can expect on the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD:




UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., Oct. 5  – A deadly driving competition spawns a racing legend in Death Race 2, an all-out action thrill ride, coming to Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Download January 18, 2011 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment DVD Originals™. Danny Trejo (Machete), Ving Rhames (Piranha 3D), Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Luke Goss (Hellboy 2: The Golden Army), star along with returning cast members Fred Koehler (“Lost”) and Robin Shou (Beverly Hills Ninja), in an all-new prequel to Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2008 adrenaline-fueled action-thriller, Death Race.  Packed with more of the heart-stopping action, spectacular stunts and shocking twists that propelled the original to cult status, the 2-disc Death Race 2 Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD will include unrated and rated versions of the film as well as in-depth bonus features that go behind the scenes of the thrill-packed story of the greatest Death Race driver of all time. The Blu-ray Combo Pack also includes a digital copy of the unrated movie that can be viewed on an array of electronic and portable devices anytime, anywhere. Preorder close is November 30, 2010.

The latest in the hugely successful line of DVD Originals™ from Universal Studios Home Entertainment Productions, Death Race 2 is directed by Roel Reine (The Marine 2, The Lost Tribe). The film is produced by Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt and Mike Elliott and executive produced by Roger Corman.  Death Race 2 is an official South African/German Co-Production, produced in South Africa by Universal Pictures Productions GmbH and Moonlighting Death Race Films C.C. and co-produced by Genevieve Hofmeyr and Ralph Tuebben.


  • Deleted Scenes with introduction by director Roel Reine
  • Deleted Shots Montage with introduction by director Roel Reine
  • The Race Begins: The Evolution of the Death Race—A look at how the prequel fits into the Death Race franchise.
  • Cheating Death: The Stunts of Death Race 2The film’s death-defying stunt crew invites viewers along on the ride of a lifetime.
  • Fast Cars and Firearms: The Cars of Death Race 2Take a look under the hood of the awe-inspiring autos featured in the film.
  • Feature Commentary with director Roel Reine


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Death Race 2 takes place in the very near future, as the United States economy begins to decline and violent crime starts to spiral out of control. To contain the growing criminal population, a vast network of for-profit, private prisons springs up, creating a lawless subculture ruled by gangs, cold-blooded killers and sociopaths. The worst of these prisons is Terminal Island, where inmates fight each other in a highly rated televised death match, where there are no rules, and the winner is the one who survives the gladiator-style, no-holds-barred competition. Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) arrives on the Island to serve his life sentence just as ruthlessly ambitious television personality September Jones evolves the death match into the ultimate reality show – Death Race. A brutal prison yard demolition derby that pits prisoners against each other in steel reinforced, heavily armed vehicles, Death Race offers the winner the ultimate prize: freedom — if he can survive to enjoy it.

DEATH RACE 2 trailer* is available at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVBx30sAf6Q

The movie’s website is www.deathrace2movie.com


Directed By: Roel Reine

Story By: Paul W.S. Anderson and Tony Giglio

Screenplay By: Tony Giglio

Based on Characters Created by: Paul W.S. Anderson

Based on Characters Created by: Robert Thom, Charles Griffith and Ib Melchior

Based on the Film: Death Race 2000 Produced by Roger Corman

Produced By: Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt, Mike Elliott

Executive Producer: Roger Corman

Co-Producers: Genevieve Hofmeyr, Ralph Tuebben

Associate Producers: Greg Holstein, Marvin Saven

Line Producer: Alan Shearer

Edited By: Herman P. Koerts, Radu Ion

Director of Photography: John McKay

Production Designer: Johnny Breedt

Costume Designer: Moira Meyer

Music By: Paul Halsinger

Music Supervisors: Paul DiFranco, Murray Anderson

Casting By: Jan Glaser CSA, Jeremy Zimmermann, Janet Meintjies, Christa Schamberger

Cast: Luke Goss, Fred Koehler, Tanit Phoenix, Robin Shou, Lauren Cohan, Patrick Lyster, Deobia Oparei, Hennie Bosman, Joe Vaz, Danny Keogh, Sean Higgs, Warrick Grier, Danny Trejo as Goldberg, with Ving Rhames, and Sean Bean.


Blu-Ray™ Hi-Def

Street Date: January 18, 2011

Order your copy today!


14 Responses to “Death Race 2 Speeds Onto Blu-ray Jan. 18th!”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    Yeah, I may blind buy this one. Looks fun!

  2. Aaron Neuwirth

    Since the last Death Race was bent on being hardcore Mario Kart the movie, I can only hope this one will actually have turtle shells.

  3. Brian White

    I’m a BIG fan of Statham’s DEATH RACE. It was just pure fun and high-octane adrenaline. Now this one? I’m very skeptical about. Even the cover of the Blu-ray is a blatant ripoff of the first one. Is that guy supposed to be Statham’s character?

  4. Gerard Iribe

    @ Brian – No, that’s supposed to be a young Frankenstein from the beginning of the first film who was voiced by David Carradine. Death Race 2 is a prequel. That dude is Luke Goss who was the main villain(s) in Blade 2 and Hellboy 2. He’s a Guillermo Del Toro regular.

    Here’s the trailer:


  5. Aaron Neuwirth

    No, it’s a prequel Brian. C’mon – you have the chance to learn the untold stories that occurred before Statham arrived. The highly demanded untold stories…

  6. Gerard Iribe

    “”The highly demented untold stories…””

    Fixed for you, Aaron. 😉

  7. Brian White

    Oh. In that case…I’m all over this!

  8. Aaron Neuwirth

    If this movie did in fact have Gene Wilder as Young Frankenstein in this movie, then I would be sold on in, but for now I’m not gonna waste my time.

  9. Sean Ferguson

    I liked the simple premise of the first one…cars blowing stuff up. Was it great cinema? No. Was it a fun popcorn movie? Yes. And although Jason Statham won’t be in this one, it does have Sean Bean (who I really like) and I’m hoping for the best. Aaron, I share your love for Gene Wilder and Young Frankenstein, but you should give it a shot!

  10. Aaron Neuwirth

    Nah, I’ll just watch the original and way more fun Death Race 2000 with Carridine and Stallone. A kick ass blu ray, by the way. Universal has already tried to fool me once with Smokin’ Aces 2, I wont fall for it again.

  11. Brian White

    I thought the Frankenstein character in the first one was a badd-a$$. I am willing to give this one a test drive!

  12. Gerard Iribe

    Brian, keep in mind that this Frankenstein character is not the Statham character. He’s the Frankenstein from the prologue of the first film.

  13. Brian White

    Gerard, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter who is under that mask. Once the character puts on that Frankenstein mask it’s all over for me. Instant love for the baddee! 🙂 He’s like a combination of Michael and Jason coming right at you.

  14. Sean Ferguson

    LOL Brian you crack me up!