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Tekken (Blu-ray Review)

It is now time for a little video game to live-action-film adaptation…in high definition, of course.  We are here to review Tekken on Blu-ray.   I still remember playing Tekken all those many years ago (1994) when it was at the forefront of the one-on-one fighting game platform during the whole Street Fighter II craze.  The […]


Blood Out (Blu-ray Review)

Blood Out delivers what it can, but that is not very much.  I do not tend to put much stock into films like this for good reason; they tend to suck.  A direct-to-blu-ray action flick implies a few things – the distributors could not find a way to properly market the film, a good enough […]


Death Race 2 Speeds Onto Blu-ray Jan. 18th!

The sequel to the last remake of Death Race will arrive this January!  If you enjoy hardcore vehicular mayhem you will enjoy this series.  While none of the stars of the last movie will appear in this one, it does boast some notable names such as Sean Bean, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhams, and Luke Goss.  […]


Death Race 2 Officially Begins Production…

I never really know how I feel about these straight-to-DVD or Blu-ray titles.  However, I feel a bit optimistic about Death Race 2 considering it is being produced by Paul W.S. Anderson and has some pretty impressive names attached to it.  I guess it could go either way.  I am kind of disappointed it is a prequel […]