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Tekken (Blu-ray Review)

It is now time for a little video game to live-action-film adaptation…in high definition, of course.  We are here to review Tekken on Blu-ray.   I still remember playing Tekken all those many years ago (1994) when it was at the forefront of the one-on-one fighting game platform during the whole Street Fighter II craze.  The […]


Anchor Bay and Magna Entertainment Unleash Tekken on Blu-ray

Alright, so we have the Mortal Kombat films, but did you ever wish that they would bring a live action adaption of the 1994 videogame classic, Tekken, to the big screen?  Well if so, your prayers have been answered!  July 19th is your chance to witness the warrior of the future today!  The live action […]