Despicable Me 3 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

When last we left, it was the wonderful Minions-centric prequel to Despicable Me that was torturing my soul. As someone who is indifferent but doesn’t mind this series, that movie was flat out awful. No defending there. But, they’re back, but in more proper form with the third film in the Despicable Me franchise. A funny fact, this was the only film to cross 1 billion dollars globally at the box office this past summer. Crazy, right? It did well in the United States but REALLY blew up overseas. Now its coming home for you, let me try that again, for your kids to own. You could grab it for them now or make it a stocking stuffer. Only the finest in video and audio quality for your child, right? Anywho, you can get ahead and pre-order it now by using the Amazon link below.


The mischievous Minions hope that Gru will return to a life of crime after the new boss of the Anti-Villain League fires him. Instead, Gru decides to remain retired and travel to Freedonia to meet his long-lost twin brother for the first time. The reunited siblings soon find themselves in an uneasy alliance to take down the elusive Balthazar Bratt, a former 1980s child star who seeks revenge against the world.

This might be my favorite in the Despicable Me series. And by favorite, I mean that its most all right of the all right movies.  Its probably the inclusion of Trey Parker that has me swayed. That plus his character of Balthazar Bratt being a gigantic chunk of 80s nostalgia and bringing a soundtrack of dreams with him every where he goes. Minions have a subplot but don’t completely interrupt or ruin things.  And we are also deliver two Steve Carrells at odds and buddy buddy with one another.

Just like a lot of kids movies, this one kinda likes to sit and hang out with itself. This could move and be tighter, but then it would threaten to be a short. Luckily, the voice acting features performers who are always pretty fun to hear just perform a lot of the time. Also, the Balthazar Brat character is fun to watch hang around, plotting and brooding among himself. He may be too much, or on the nose, but he may just be why this film is more entertaining than the rest.

This movie is not perfect, and I’m sure it won’t convert any doubters on this series, but its fine. I’m indifferent on these movies and I found amusement with this one. Maybe you will too. It has a lot of 80s songs, maybe that’s why I’m fine with it. Though, many of them feel forced and don’t fit a scene, they just wanted to put it in there because its an easily recognizable song and something would be catchy. Anywho, still this is more for the kids, so overall quality isn’t too big an issue (Especially if they’ve seen the other ones).


Encoding: HEVC / H.265

Resolution: 4K (2160p) HDR-10 & Dolby Vision

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Layers: BD-66

Clarity/Detail: Despicable Me 3 comes to 4K Ultra-HD with a bright, strong image that looks plenty free and three dimensional. This is a super crisp, sharp image that has plenty of details, not hiding anything on this animated film. The colors are saturated quite well, making good use of some HDR while keeping a strong palette that is rather striking on the scene.

Depth:  Being a CGI animate cartoon, it looks naturally three dimensional. Movements are quite smooth and natural with no distortions.

Black Levels: Blacks are plenty just…well, we’re animated, so…black. They help sharpen and define things while being saturated enough to color clothing, surfaces and more while showing a nice palette of its own. No crushing witnessed on this view.

Color Reproduction: Colors are pretty rich here and feel like a bit of a boost here from the Blu-ray. Purples pop (Bratt’s clothes) as well as the pink of a pig. Lucy’s blue coat is really strong. Gold also is a strong, good looking and well saturated color. HDR has some nice moments with monitors and special burst of power/electricity. In the market place, the candy available lifts off the screen. Dru’s car has a blue flame that looks impressive coming out the tail end, glowing all the way through town. Overall, the colors are just really confident in their look.

Flesh Tones: N/A

Noise/Artifacts: Clean


Audio Format(s): English DTS:X, English DTS Headphone:X, Spanish 7.1 DTS-HD Hi Res Audio, French 5.1 DTS Digital Surround

Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French

Dynamics: Despicable Me movies have always been about bumping along with the tunes as you watch Gru’s exploits. Its good fun here as the sounds bump and feel loose and free with instrumental intricacies present and plenty audible. All of the action in here travels and crafts itself a nice punch when it has too. Also the floaty nature and travel of the sound is impressive, too. This isn’t one that’s going to be the standard or show off worth, but its on its way to being that way and is still a fun experience.

Height: Some solid moments have things like a plane or debris falling coming through the ceiling channels.

Low Frequency Extension: The subwoofer gives a nice boost and rumble to planes landing, things crashing, energy bursts and a bump to the music.

Surround Sound Presentation: Sound travels quite wonderfully here as all the foley work is everpresent, placed at accurate volumes and always in step with what’s on screen.

Dialogue Reproduction: Vocals are loud, clear and plenty filled out in terms of hear all the dicton.


Despicable Me 3 comes with the Blu-ray edition and an UltraViolet digital copy. Aside from the mini-movie, all of the bonus features are on the Blu-ray disc.

4K UHD Disc

Mini-Movie: The Secret Life Of Kyle (4K, 4:14)

Blu-ray Disc

Deleted Scene with Intro by Dana Gaier (HD, :40)

Character Profiles – The voice actors touch upon their characters

  • Steve Carell: Gru & Dru (HD, 2:12) 
  • Kristen Wiig: Lucy (HD, 1:48) 
  • Miranda Gosgrove: Margo (HD, 1:57)
  • Dana Gaier: Edith (HD, 2:20)
  • Nev Scharrel: Agnes (HD, 2:06)

Minion Moments – Couple brief Minion shenanigans

  • Drenched (HD, :40)
  • Overkill (HD, :38) 

Developing Dru (HD, 4:13) – A little featurette on coming up with Steve Carrell’s other character in the film.

The Making of Despicable Me 3 (HD, 6:50) – A quick, basic look at the making of the film with safe interviews with the cast and production team.

The AVL Files (HD) – One of those “interactive” features where you select a character and get some more info on them.

Freedonia Visitors Guide (HD) – Similar to the AVL Files, but this focuses on the places visited in the film.

Despicable Me TV – These are the advertisements seen in the film or for toys seen in the film.

  • Balthazar Bratt Action Figure (HD, :54)
  • ‘Bad Boy Bod’ by Balthazar Bratt (HD, :56)
  • Agnes’ Super Cute, Incredibly Amazing Toy Sale (HD, 1:18)

“Doowit” Sing-Along (HD, 1:36)

Minion Mug Shots (HD, 1:50) – A gallery of Minions wearing inmate uniforms.

Music Video (HD, 3:43)

Wanted Posters (HD, 1:30) – Wanted posters featuring…yup…you guessed it…Minions.


Despicable Me 3 ends up being a solid, nostalgic outing in the world of those damned Minions. This 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray presentation is a nice uptick over the Blu-ray edition in both sound and video and is the best you’re gonna get. There are also a slew of swift extras that are pretty decent. Overall, it is what it is, and if you like the series or your kids need the finest presentation around, this is it.

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