Every Secret Thing (DVD Review)

Every Secret Thing DVD ReviewAn incredible ensemble women’s cast with a very well written script makes this DVD a keeper! Dakota Fanning continues to provide the most powerful performances, every time she’s on the screen.  She has always been a favorite of mine and still continues to amaze me.  But in this film, the one to really watch is Australian born, Danielle Macdonald, who completely helms this strong women’s cast of great talents.  So put on your thinking caps and get ready for a well told mystery that will have you guessing all the way to the end.

Every Secret Thing is based on the novel of the same name by Laura Lippman, this screen adaptation by Nicole Holofcener is performed by a very strong feminine cast with some long time greats and new -and – upcoming actresses.  It stars Diane Lane (Under the Tuscan Sun and Secretariat), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games saga and Pitch Perfect franchise), Dakota Fanning (Man on Fire and The Runaways), and Danielle Macdonald (The East and TV’s Toolies).  It is directed by Amy Berg, who is new to narrative films, having directed several documentaries before taking on this screenplay.  But WOW! what an entrance she makes!

11 year olds, Ronnie Fuller and Alice Manning have been childhood friends for a long time but have grown apart recently.  When Alice’s mom forces her to take Ronnie to a schoolmate’s birthday party, their lives are forever altered by the events that follow.  After being released from their 7 year long prison sentence, both girls return to their home town and attempt to get on with their lives.  When a 3 year old girl goes missing, they find themselves back in the spotlight with the local police detective who was key in their arrest 7 years ago.

As the current case is investigated, the past case is brought back to the front to be rehashed.  Told in pieces as flashbacks from both suspected girls’ perspective, the detective is faced with trying to put the pieces together as precious time ticks by for the missing girl’s family. Fearing that this case will end as the previous case, the detective becomes desperate for answers to find the girl alive.  Can Detective Nancy Porter keep her emotions in check to find Britney before it’s too late?

Every character in this film has so many layers to peel away to reach the carefully hidden truths.  The flashbacks are perfectly handled as to keep the viewer interested and engaged but not to give too much away with each trip down memory lane.  The performance by Danielle Macdonald is remarkable as the victim and manipulator all wrapped up in a very intriguing devious package.  I am still so very impressed with this young actress’ performance.

I really enjoyed that 7 years are passed over in the credits with headlines and news articles to get you from there to now quickly.  It moves the story along quickly, but not so fast that they lose the audience.  With an incredible cast of strong feminine talent, this engaging mystery keeps you involved all the way through to the surprising end.


DVD Details:

The DVD Extras is a Deleted Scenes reel.  After having seen the movie, I can see why these scenes were cut.  One showed more about the dynamic with the mother /daughter in the Manning household, but also seemed to slow everything down.  The other deleted scenes would have revealed too much too soon if left in.

93 minutes

1 disc

Widescreen 1.85:1


English language/ Spanish and English subtitles

Rated R for some language and disturbing images.



Definitely worth seeing and a great addition to anyone’s DVD collection.  Great cast, well written characters and a riveting story.  Truly enjoyable strong feminine cast with a very intriguing mystery.  That’s my review and I’m sticking to it.  See you at the rental box!

Every Secret Thing releases on DVD August, 4th.  Pre-order now!

Every Secret Thing


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