Any Day (DVD Review)

Any DayAny Day is an alright movie about faith and perseverance even when things seem at their darkest but it doesn’t beat the viewer over the head with a bible or religion.  It’s slow moving but has a great cast.  And BONUS…Sean Bean does NOT die in this one!

Vian McLean goes to prison for 2nd degree manslaughter after having killed a man in a drunken brawl at a party.  After 12 years, he finds that the world he knew is gone.  His boxing gym trainer has died and his heir has banned him from the gym.  He can’t find work as an ex-con.  His sister reluctantly, after nudging from her son, lets him stay with them in the garage.

As Vian develops a relationship with his nephew and he finds a man willing to give him a job, he enjoys his 12 years of sobriety with ease.  He meets a young woman in the grocery store and they hit it off.  Soon his perfect little restart on his life is unraveled completely and he is faced with a fork in the road.  Either he finds faith in a greater power, or he continues to struggle and end up back in prison.

Any Day is written and directed by Rustam Branaman (The Culling ).  It stars Sean Bean (HBO’s Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings trilogy ), Kate Walsh (TV’s Grey’s Anatomy and TV’s Bad Judge ), Eva Longoria (TV’s Desperate Housewives and Frontera ), Nolan Gross (Noah and the recent Terminator Genisys ) and Tom Arnold (True Lies and TV’s Sin City Saints ).  Like I mentioned already, incredible cast line up.

The movie takes a long slow road to get to the end.  The amazing cast line-up keep the viewer invested to the end, even at the slow pace.  The movie deals with faith and a greater power, but they never brow-beat, bible thump, or cram God down the viewer’s throats.  It’s about second chances, being honest, and having faith in something bigger than you can see.

Although it is refreshing not to have religion shoved down your throat, there are several times during this extremely slow moving story that I pulled out and wondered “Where is this going?” or “When are we going to get to the pay-off?” but I stuck with it to the end.  I enjoyed the performance of the cast and am very impressed with young Nolan Gross.  There are a couple of surprises with the story plot, but overall it is just a slow burn.

DVD Details:

The DVD offers no extras or deleted scenes.

99 minutes

1 disc

Widescreen 2.40:1


English language/Spanish and English subtitles

Not Rated but would probably earn a Rated R for brief nudity, language, and brief violence.



While the awesome cast keep the viewer invested in the story; the pace of the story seems wanting.  I enjoyed the surprises and the reveals as laid out, but just feel that something is still missing.  It is a refreshing new way to present a faith movie without making it obvious.  With a movie tag line of “Never Give Up”, this movie did just that for the viewer.  It keeps on chugging along to the end at a slow and steady pace.  It is worth seeing for the cast’s performances but not something that makes a MUST see list for me.  That’s my review and I’m sticking to it.  See you at the rental box!

Any Day releases on DVD August 4th.  Pre-order your copy now!

Any Day DVD


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