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Any Day (DVD Review)

Any Day is an alright movie about faith and perseverance even when things seem at their darkest but it doesn’t beat the viewer over the head with a bible or religion.  It’s slow moving but has a great cast.  And BONUS…Sean Bean does NOT die in this one!


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist – August 14, 2014

We’re finally here!  The Expendables 3 comes out tomorrow.  This is the end of our ‘Countdown To Expendables 3’ series.  And if we started with Sly we’re ending on Schwarzenegger!  Today’s pick is the biggest glaring hole, not only of Arnold’s catalog, but the director, the studio and Blu-ray as a whole.  We have one […]


John Carpenter’s Body Bags – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

John Carpenter’s Body Bags is a an oft forgotten film of his and horror anthology.  It was a Showtime movie back in 1993, back when it wasn’t as “cool” to have an original idea on Showtime (Showtime did do Psycho IV as well).  In Carpenter’s mind, this was a one shot.  But Showtime wanted this […]


NBFF Review: Jewtopia

On April 26th, 2012, the opening night of the Newport Beach Film Festival saw the world premiere of Jewtopia.  Based on one of the longest running off-Broadway plays, Jewtopia is the film adaptation, which revolves around two friends dealing with the prospect of finding love with Jewish women.  Unfortunately, while billed as a “comedy”, I […]