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Honest Thief (Blu-ray Review)

At this point, seeing Liam Neeson as the lead in an action film only inspires so much confidence in the quality. Honest Thief, even when getting something that can make movie fans feel closer to normal in an odd year, is not one that’s bringing much new to the table. Despite a strong supporting cast […]


Girls Trip (Blu-ray Review)

Here’s something to remember: 2017’s most successful comedy was Girl Trip. Made from a relatively low-budget and crossing $100 million domestically, as well as garnering plenty of praise from critics, this was a film that hit big. People can talk about it being a surprise, but that’s nonsense. Make a good comedy with broad appeal […]


Any Day (DVD Review)

Any Day is an alright movie about faith and perseverance even when things seem at their darkest but it doesn’t beat the viewer over the head with a bible or religion.  It’s slow moving but has a great cast.  And BONUS…Sean Bean does NOT die in this one!